Wednesday, July 8, 2020
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Mankai: Israel Develops Next Superfood, Naming It After Biblical Manna

The Hinoman company in Kibbutz Be’eri is growing the world’s smallest vegetable that contains all the essential amino acids plus iron and vitamin B12...

How Goats Have Become Firefighters In Israel

The group in question consists of about 160 goats, sheep, cows, and camels. Strange as it may sound, grazing — especially by goats ...
Woman holding Furry robot

Touching A Furry Robot Reduces Pain, Increases Happiness

We all know there’s nothing quite like a hug or a touch to brighten our mood. In fact, human-to-human contact has been found to bolster mood...
Sivan Ya’ari, CEO of Innovation: Africa, assessing how this village can use Israeli technology for greater access to clean water. Photo: courtesy

Israeli Tech Helps African Villages Protect Against Corona

Innovation: Africa is doubling its efforts to pump clean water and provide medical equipment to remote villages across 10 African countries...
During the coronavirus pandemic, workers wore protective gear to clear notes from the Western Wall and sanitize its stones. Photo courtesy of The Western Wall Heritage Foundation

Sanitizing The Ancient Stones Of The Western Wall

Every six months, before Rosh Hashana and Passover, workers collect thousands of handwritten notes from the crevices of the Western Wall (Kotel)...
Medical Clown and patient Photo courtesy of Dream Doctors

Study Shows Medical Clowning May Lower Hospital Expenses

A survey of one Israeli hospital’s oncology staff on the impact of Dream Doctors medical clowns reveals some eye-opening insights...
Woman smelling roses

Rose Scents While You Sleep Can Boost Your Memory

Next time you decide to sleep on the load of materials you’ve got to learn ahead of exams, consider sniffing something when you do so..
The pilfered ballista stone from the City of David. Photo by Uzi Rotstein/Israel Antiquities Authority

Fearing End Of The World, Man Returns Ancient Stolen Relic

Fifteen years after he filched a 2,000-year-old ballista stone from a Jerusalem archaeological site, an anonymous Israeli arranged to return it to the...
Corals and fish in the Gulf of Aqaba. Photo by Ove Hoegh-Guldberg

Experts Call For Urgent Action To Save Red Sea Corals

Researchers from Israel, Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia ask UNESCO to declare Red Sea’s reef as a Marine World Heritage Site while recommending...
Prof. David Broday (left), Prof. Eran Frielder and their team enjoy drinking water generated from the air. Photo courtesy of the Technion

Israeli Scientists Generate Water From Air, Even In The Desert

Drinking water shortages is one of the big problems facing humanity in the coming years: according to the World Health Organization...