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Person sitting with Bible

Former Atheist: How The Deconstruction Of Your Christian Faith Can Actually Strengthen It

Best-selling author Lee Strobel, an atheist and investigative journalist who failed to disprove the resurrection of Jesus during two years of digging...

Nick Vujicic: The Basics Of Starting A Fire To Reach 8 Billion People

If Gen Z is for Jesus and suicide free—as a few new ministries boldly proclaim—then its people must embrace the basics of the Christian faith in order...

Sean Feucht, Kim Walker-Smith And Let Us Worship Stand Against Satan In Boulder, Colorado

In one of America's most liberal cities with tons of protesters rising in opposition, thousands of people withstood wind and rain to lift their voices to...

How A Non-Profit Organisation Is Changing Destinies For Victims Of Sex Trafficking

When young women, suffering from sex trafficking, come to this prayer room in a brothel, the Word of God reminds them of His promises. Glancing...