A ray of light appears to be breaking through the dark clouds of the persistent bad news about rampant state corruption, the mismanagement of state resources, and the alarming moral decline in society.

An increasing number of political parties and grassroots movements with a clear and uncompromising Biblical stance are making themselves known on the South African political landscape.

Several political parties were formed over the past few years with a strong Christian ethos – presumably, in response to the alarming breakdown of morality in South Africa. These parties acknowledge the nations woes are a direct consequence of its rejection of God and His Word. 

My research indicates, many of the Christian based political parties could not afford the more than R600 000 to register for the General Elections. However, those that will appear on the ballot on 8 May like the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP), African Covenant Party (ACO), ECOForum, Christian Political Movement (CPM), and the Freedom Front Plus (FF+) will provide values voters a choice.

In addition, the “New Nation” High Court case currently seeking an urgent amendment to the Electoral Act to provide individuals the right to stand as candidates in the General Elections – could potentially postpone this Elections. The W/Cape High Court will deliver its judgement on 17 April.

Many prominent and competent Christian leaders have indicated their desire to represent their constituencies in Parliament but are not prepared to be controlled or manipulated by political party bosses. These leaders will however stand as candidates if they can do so independently. Significantly, the Constitution makes provision for this but not the Electoral Act. 

Grassroots initiatives like the “New Nation Movement” among others were birthed to give voice to the groundswell of ordinary citizens calling for South Africa to “turn to God.” The response to prayer meetings and Bible-based gatherings have increased dramatically over the past decade.

More than 500 Christian leaders from across the country gathered in Pretoria on 6 April to pray and sign a unity Declaration to intentionally make South Africa a Kingdom Nation. Initiated by Dr Arno Van Niekerk and Dr Arthur Frost, its mission is to unite South Africans in Christ.

Christian citizens are urged to pray for the nation in villages, towns and cities across the country. The nationwide prayer initiatives will culminate in “Jesus Marches” across the country on 27 April (Freedom Day) ending in a mass meeting at Mount Zion in Germiston in Gauteng. 

I have received information about several other prayer initiatives leading up to the General Elections on 8 May. Many are fasting and interceding for a peaceful Elections and a miracle in South Africa.

The growing recognition that South Africa must turn to God in this time of uncertainty and turmoil is encouraging. Please join the growing movement for Godly change in South Africa by Praying, Participating and Voting your Values on 8 May 2019.

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Date published: 11/04/2019
Written by: Errol Naidoo  
Article source: Family Policy Institute