Written by: Gillian Fraser
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A Revival Train
Uncle Angus Invites Christians To Hop Aboard!

Large crowds. Stadiums. Mass crusades. Millions of people. Loud speakers – perhaps this is what comes to mind when you think of uncle Angus Buchan, South Africa’s great evangelist responsible for the many It’s Time Prayer Gatherings and Mighty Men Crusades around the country? Well, Uncle Angus is at it again – but this time the God-fearing evangelist has swapped out the stages and microphones and is replacing them with a new vision on how to bring the Gospel to the people, rather than the people to the Gospel. A steam train!

An outreach of Biblical proportions
At a pastors’ prayer gathering in Worcester in October, Angus shared this mighty vision. A steam train, filled with passionate Christians, riding town to town around South Africa over a period of a few months, boldly sharing the Gospel and changing lives. The train will stop in a new town each morning, and the believers will spend each day in the respective towns, hospitals, schools, farms, old age homes, and areas sharing the love of Christ – praying for the sick, praying for healing and restoration, and leading others to know Jesus. The vision for this revival train is not to simply tell people who Jesus is, but who Jesus is to you. To make the message of the Gospel personal, sharing the transformative power of Christ with each person. Uncle Angus shared this vision with tears streaming down his face, excited to share the Gospel around our nation. The vision is not to only change the lives of those who will be ministered to, but also of those who will be ministering themselves. In Angus’ words, “The people on the train will never be the same again.”

This is a plan to evangelise the whole of South Africa, from Cape Town all the way to Musina.

A message of HOPE
Our nation is in desperate need of hope, and we know that true hope is found in Jesus alone. Jesus is the answer to all the ills in our society – all the devastation that we see around us. And as born-again believers, we carry this hope within us. The Holy Spirit fills us, and it is our responsibility to share this message of love and hope. Our calling on this earth is to love Christ, and to share this love with others. To know Him, and to make Him known.

The Great Commission in action
Town to town, different evangelists will hop on and off the train and will stay on board for as long as they are able. For those who love the vision yet are not able to join in person, please consider sponsoring an evangelist’s carriage on the train? Uncle Angus will lead the mission, encouraging and equipping everyone to head out and share their testimonies. This is real, personal, one-on-one evangelism at its core. This is the Great Commission in action. This is a plan to evangelise the whole of South Africa, from Cape Town all the way to Musina.

Hop aboard the REVIVAL TRAIN
While the exact details and plans for this revival crusade are not yet confirmed – Uncle Angus is sharing this vision with all Christians, in hopes that God will lead those who are interested and able to hop aboard and help put this plan together. This offer is open to all Christians in South Africa. Perhaps you are planning a weekend away with your friends, why not take them aboard the REVIVAL TRAIN? If you would like to find out more information or help this vision get on track, please reach out to Uncle Angus on info@angusbuchan.co.za 

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Date published: 21/11/2020

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  1. As a devout Christian I am all for spreading the gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and wish Angus Buchan well on this train journey. I am just a bit confused, because as far back as 2010 at the Cape Town for Jesus event as well as various subsequent Angus Buchan events, he uttered the following words: “We don’t have to pray for revival anymore, because we are already in revival.”


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