A social media post is going viral across South Africa after two “Ooms” stopped to help a young man stranded on the side of the road.

Neville Manchu believes that you will never find a more beautiful country than South Africa, and his social media post is helping thousands feel the same!

The South African was driving between Potchefstroom and Bethlehem when he got a serious puncture and was left stranded on the side of the road.

“I was driving a friend’s bakkie taking some stuff home. I was so excited to go home that I even forgot to check if the car had everything, only to find the car doesn’t have a car jack and a wheel spanner. Frustration showed up without an invitation.”

Neville was left standing on the roadside asking for help. It took over an hour for anyone to stop, let alone look in his direction! 

“Just when I was about to give up, 2 old men stopped by. Not only did they borrow me their tools but helped me also because I was struggling to take off the messed up tyre.

The other “Oom” even had to lie down on his back to jack the car. My frustration got even worse when we discovered that we can’t take out the spare wheel underneath the car.”

The two “Ooms” (Uncles in Afrikaans) offered to go to Parys, which was the nearest town, to get Neville a second-hand tyre to make sure he would be back on his journey safely. They also offered to pay for the tyre, not expecting anything in return… just a kindness shared from one South African to another. 

“They got me a tyre and didn’t ask for a penny from me. I was astonished, I was in awe of who God is.”

Neville never got the name of the two “Ooms” but the three men stood on the side of the road and prayed together before they all went on their way. They prayed for each other, for kindness, and for our beautiful country.

“With a love unbroken, bind our hearts together, here on earth let Your will be done. Our land is healed. South Africa is a beautiful country. Our God is a good God”

The post has since gone viral leaving many South Africans with a feeling of hope for our beautiful country.

James Beasley commented: “We have a wealth of this example of reconciliation in our country, which unfortunately gets overshadowed by the consistent vile racism echoed by certain politicians for advancement of their own agenda’s. The frequency of the latter drowns the efforts of the strides made in the former example. We must continue to believe that good will triumph.”

Marshall Madolo added: “Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful story, we need more of positive stories to build our national, Black and White people should unite.” 

Sanjay Rampersad posted: “Well done guys. This is the true South Africa and the meaning of Ubuntu. Not the racist rubbish promoted by some.”

Lorraine Simoes shared: “Fantastic and great peace of mind for your parents I might add! Eish! Yes South Africa is great. Great Ooms too.”

Cynthia Zwick said: “Thank you for sharing your story. Like a ripple in the pond, you can pay it forward just by lending a helping hand to a stranger, and so our beloved land can turn around.”

Date published: 05/01/2019
Written by: Brent Lindeque 
Feature image: www.facebook.com
Article source: www.goodthingsguy.com