Written by: Errol Naidoo
Article source: familypolicyinstitute.com

Arlene and I returned from our ministry long-weekend in KZN 19 – 23 October. I addressed Pastors and leaders in Durban and Pietermaritzburg on the “Role of the Church in a Hostile Culture.” I will be doing a lot more of these engagements across the country well into 2024.

Encouragingly, Christian citizens are waking up to the fact that prayer for South Africa must be followed by corresponding action. If you and I are concerned about the state of our nation, we must not only earnestly intercede for God’s intervention – but also be the change we want to see.

A new survey “conducted on behalf of The Brenthurst Foundation has found South Africa is more likely to have a coalition government following next year’s elections, The ANC’s support has dropped from the 48% measured in November 2022 to just 41% in October this year with voters citing joblessness, corruption, load shedding, and crime as the country’s largest problems.”

Political analysts contend “the Multi-Party Charter [MPC] — the electoral pact comprising the DA, IFP, ActionSA, FF+ and the UIM — would reach 36% based on the latest numbers. The gap between the ANC and the MPC has narrowed from 14% a year ago to 5% currently.

However, what is not taken into account is the imminent ruling on the Constitutional Court challenge to the recently enacted “Electoral Amendment Act” brought by the Independent Candidates Association (ICA) and the One SA Movement (OSA). The outcomes of this case will significantly impact the General Elections – expected to be held between May – August 2024.

Rampant corruption and gross maladministration by the governing ANC is the primary reason for the country’s political and economic woes. State corruption, theft, fraud and money laundering has intensified significantly under President Cyril Ramaphosa’s inept administration.

A growing number of citizens are realising South Africa cannot survive under the current failed regime. The ANC has degenerated into an organised crime network – transforming a once vibrant economy with massive potential into a decaying mafia state where organised crime flourishes.

Family Policy Institute

Paul Hoffman of Accountability Now writes, “There are two related but separate critical corruption issues that impact the future trajectory of South Africa and ought to help inform voters when they decide how to cast their votes on the basis of the stance of political parties on both issues.”

The first is the long-identified need for an International Anti-Corruption Court which will operate worldwide along the lines of the International Criminal Court. The notion of establishing such a court is advocated by Integrity Initiatives International and it is gaining traction worldwide.

An international court investigating and prosecuting serious corruption crimes would expose the ANC regime’s constant cover ups of the rampant corruption, theft and fraud within its ranks.

“The second is that the national Cabinet proposes the existing Investigating Directorate in the NPA be upgraded to an “Investigating Directorate Against Corruption” (Idac) which will operate along the lines of the defunct Scorpions as a unit within the NPA tasked with going after the cases of serious corruption and organised crime that fall within its mandate.”

However, because the NPA is manipulated by the ANC Regime, Accountability Now has proposed establishing a new independent ‘Chapter Nine’ institution to prevent, combat, investigate and prosecute serious corruption and organised crime – with growing support.

Whatever your political views, one thing is certain, the 2024 General Elections – which will also mark 30 years of democracy – is shaping up to be the most consequential for SA’s survival.

That’s why every Christian citizen yearning for honest and efficient governance must pray and act for the change we so desperately need. South Africa has a chance for real political change in 2024.  But it will take humility, sacrifice and bold leadership to rescue the nation from disaster.

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Date published: 25/10/2023
Feature image: Image for illustrative purposes only. Artwork adapted from unsplash.com

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    • Please advise who these Godly leaders are?

      Of all parties..two..the FF+ and ACDP have in the past been close. The DA, IFP and Action SA amongst them..support either LGBT…abortion..gender neutral bathrooms etc..pride month..

  1. Dear Errol

    You never included in your article that the ACDP also joined the Multi Party Charter. The fact of them joining is not too surprising but very disappointing for a Christian political party. We as believers are to have NOTHING to do with unbelievers. The DA and ActionSA are both woke political parties. Nothing they stand for who get The Lords approval. We cannot side with the enemy just to oust the ANC and EFF.

    We will all be judged by a living God for every action and thought when we draw our last breath on this earth.

    I do hope that you do not support this coalition.



  2. I am deeply thankful for the Multi Party Charter – and for Christians and Christian Parties joining it! Allmighty, all-powerful Jesus in human form, had the opportunity to overthrow and conquer the Roman Regime. Instead, He loved the people in the streets, and worked to better their lives. We are called to be SALT and LIGHT, not conquer governments. We already have a King. Our citizenship is elsewhere. Enroute to our end-destination, we are to “do good to all people”, as our King has demonstrated over and over again.


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