Written by: Errol Naidoo
Article source: familypolicyinstitute.com

The Russian Federation’s recent military invasion of neighboring Ukraine has dominated world headlines. Most analysts agree, Russian president Vladimir Putin’s megalomania has got the better of him as he attempts a misguided revival of the once mighty Soviet Union.

The unprovoked invasion has triggered prayer initiatives across the world. Ukrainian Christians were filmed kneeling on the frozen ground in prayer. The free world has responded to the plight of the Ukrainian people with overwhelming moral support and solidarity.

Please pray for the people of Ukraine and Russia – many of whom oppose the war. I attended a pro-family event in Moscow in 2014 and met many Russians who pray for peace.

Putin justified his aggression by declaring the much smaller nation “a threat against Russia’s national security.” He also claimed one of the objectives of his “special military operation” was the “denazification” of Ukraine whose president, Volodymyr Zelensky is Jewish.

World leaders and holocaust survivors marked the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz in Poland on 27 Jan 2015 with the declaration, “Never again!” However, more than 500,000 Jews living in Ukraine are not so sure their security is guaranteed as Putin’s tanks roll down the streets of Ukraine – eerily reminicent of Hitlers invasion of Poland.

Most world governments swiftly condemned Putin’s brutal assault on his smaller neighbor, except for Brazil, India, China and South Africa who, incidentally, are members of the BRICS New Development Bank along with Russia.  Business Insider reveals South Africa’s paid-up investments in the BRICS Bank total R25,5 billion which may explain its silence.

Incidentally, the UN Security Council demonstrated its impotency when a Resolution demanding Russian forces withdraw from Ukraine was vetoed by Russia – one of five permanent members of the UNSC with vetoe power – who also chairs the Security Council.

The South African governments stance on Russia’s aggression is unclear. President Cyril Ramaphosa called for mediation in the conflict but stopped short of condemning Putin’s unprovoked attack on Ukraine. However, the Dept of International Relations demanded Russia withdraw from Ukraine drawing the ire of the pro-Russia Ramaphosa administration.

Family Policy Institute

The ANC government are staunch allies of the totalitarian regimes in Russia and Cuba including the tyrannical Chinese Communist Party (CCP). In fact, the SA government donated R50 million to Cuba despite South Africa’s dire economic situation.

Incidentally, Deputy President, David Mabuza made several trips to Russia ostensibly for medical treatment. Government has yet to explain why Mabuza had to seek medical help in Russia – on a six-week taxpayer funded incursion – when SA has world class health facilities.

Ramaphosa and other senior ANC officials often boast, “South Africa has the best constitution in the world”  presumably, because of its Bill of Rights. But this claim
is exposed as a meaningless platitude because government has consistently and dismally failed to uphold and protect the human rights and dignity of the majority of citizens.

This may explain why the ANC remains staunch allies with murderous and tyrannical regimes in Russia, China and Cuba – who arguably hold the world’s worst human rights records.

If a nation is judged by its closest allies, then South Africa must rank amongst the worst offenders. A closer examination of ANC policies reveals its totalitarian ambitions. The SA Constitution may therefore deflect the true ideological identity of the ANC regime.

Sadly, the Russian Orthodox Church reportedly back Putin’s political goals. Similarly, certain Church groups in SA align with the ANC despite its record of rampant corruption, misrule and anti-family policies. Others choose to remain silent. But silence in the face of endemic corruption and the disintegration of Biblcal values is in fact, tacit approval.

A government that claims to be committed to protect and uphold human rights and freedoms cannot reasonably and morally stand in solidarity with tyrannical totalitarian regimes. But the ANC does – consistently so. And that’s why it must be rejected at the polls in 2024.

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Date published: 06/01/2022
Feature image: Image for illustrative purposes only. Artwork adapted from Ministry of Defense of Ukraine /www.flickr.com

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