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In “Loud Krazy Love”, the Korn guitarist speaks about his strong Christian faith, the relationship with his daughter Jennea and the new life after leaving drug addictions behind.

Brian ‘Head’ Welch, one of the best Heavy Metal guitarists of all times, released a documentary about his own life that will now be available in Europe.

The member of Korn, one of the most popular rock bands of the 90s and the beginning of the 2000s, shares his own personal journey since he first left the band in 2005. Many have read about his conversion to Christianity and how he abandoned a multi-million record deal and the band he helped found to find himself and take care of her daughter.

The documentary “Loud Krazy Love” shares much about these two areas of the artist’s life. A protagonist of the interviews is his now adult daughter Jennea, who addresses her own struggles as a child and teenager trying to cope with a father who was a rock star – and how she was able to deal with depression and anxiety.

The struggle of Brian against his drug addiction is also addressed in the film. In a very open and natural way, the guitarist also speaks about his spiritual awakening fifteen years ago and his strong faith in Jesus Christ.

The film has been directed by Trey Hill and Scott Mayo and was first released in the United States in December 2018

Brian ‘Head’ Welch’s solo album “Love and Death” addresses his own spiritual fights. He has also been involved in projects which connect urban culture and the Christian faith. He re-joined Korn in 2013.

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Date published: 26/05/2020
Feature image: Brian ‘Head’ Welch

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