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Cape Town is getting ready for the Love Cape Town City Fest happening over 3 weekends in November in 3 major suburbs in the city.

The first event on the 2nd November will be held in Mitchell’s Plain, the second on the 9th November in Khayelitsha and the third event will take place on the 16th November on the Grand Parade.

Love Cape Town – November 2019 👍

Posted by Graham Power on Thursday, 30 May 2019

Two of the major sponsors for the events are African Enterprise and the Luis Palau Association. A host of local Christian organizations, including radio stations have also come out in strong support of the Love Cape Town City Fest.

The organization, African Enterprise’s mission is to save lives by bringing the Good News of Jesus to people in Africa. African Enterprise supporters have brought peace, reconciliation and hope to African nations for 40 years with their regular support, prayer and donations.

Another sponsor is the Luis Palau Association that for more than 50 years of ministry, has been known for their commitment to the Word of God and the clear teachings of Jesus Christ. Luis is a dynamic evangelist and teacher, living a life of dedicated service and commitment to God as he shares the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. 

The Palau Association has had the opportunity to work with thousands of churches in hundreds of cities around the world, including nine top global cities: London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Chicago, Moscow, Madrid, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Washington D.C. and now this year in Cape Town too. It has hosted major evangelistic festivals on five continents.

Theuns Pauw from African Enterprise says, “This is a call to all brothers and sisters in Christ to unite for the sake of the Gospel in our great city of Cape Town. We need you to start praying for a friend who needs the Lord and invite them to an event where they will encounter Jesus. God has called us to evangelize the cities of Africa through words and deed, in partnership with the church.” 

Although the events are a few months away, there will be equipping sessions in the build-up to the November Love Cape Town City Fest. “Be ready to join us in taking the Gospel to schools, hospitals, prisons, factories, market places and from door-to-door. The Harvest is plentiful but the labourers are few,” Pauw added.

Pastor Barry Isaacs has invited congregants of any denomination. “We are inviting the church across the denominational line, every culture, every one of us, to join us at the November, as well as preceding events.”

Pastor Thandi Hlobo added that God wants to meet you there. 

Graham Power says, “We should all come together. This is the biggest outreach I have known of in the last 10 or 20 years”

Power is the founder and chairman of the Power Group and has made a major impact through his business and community involvement, both here and abroad. The Power Group is one of Africa’s leading construction firms. Power is also behind the “Unashamedly Ethical” campaign, that challenges the culture of corruption on the continent and beyond. The Christian businessman was also the chairman of the Global Day Of Prayer.

Love City Fest

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Date published: 02/09/2019

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