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Women in persecuted countries already face intense discrimination whether they follow Jesus or not, Christianity intensifies this immensely, but women in these countries stand stronger than ever. This Women’s Month we celebrate the beauty of women in countries where persecution is at its worst. Join us as we take a look at women in each of the 50 closed countries currently on the World Watch List and see how they radiate His love and beauty, despite their circumstances.

Creation is often seen as a symphony conducted by God. As his masterpiece grows in an awe inspiring crescendo, each creation more beautiful than the last, He builds His perfect harmony day by day. Finally bringing it all together, finishing whole piece with the most beautiful resolving note – Eve. Most persecuted countries see women as inferior and therefore they are so often very easily exploited to double the discrimination. Our sisters in Christ experience persecution in different ways to men, this includes house arrest, sexual harassment, trafficking, forced marriage/divorce, losing their children etc.

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Date published: 09/09/2019

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