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Let God’s voice guide you, His love sustain you & His grace uplift you.
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Laetitia takes her readers on a profound journey, sharing her life testament to God’s unwavering love even during our darkest moments. Grappling with the feeling of being lost and unseen, amid tragedy and difficult situations, she discovered that God’s love was ever-present, guiding her towards restoration and protecting her joy.

– Laetitia Kay, author of Keeping the Joy

“His grace in my life has been so transformative that it is a process of disassembling, reconstruction and inventing. It gave me infinite hope that you’re never alone. In my life, God has transformed, shaped, and evolved me through His divine creativity continuously. Allowing God to guide your shape and create your path requires a resilience of faith, love, trust, courage and openness for God’s influence for a more purposeful life. Allow God to work on you.”

– Lerato Sebolai, author of A Canvas of His Grace

“What a wonderful opportunity to hear His voice in your daily experience, to jot it down, and also to excite readers to pause and listen (read). Take up your pen and transform your thoughts into written words and testimony.”

– Rindie Swanepoel, author of Wees

“My prayer is that you will meet God in a new way through the pages of this book; may you LISTEN when He speaks and may He be a reality to you, forever. God met me at a level of faith again and again – but it still required faith and a relationship with Him to hear His voice. Not because I am special, but because I had established a non-negotiable principle of seeking guidance through His Word.”

– Karien Basson, author of Luister and Listen

This devotional is designed to instil God’s perspective and foster a mindset of truth, hope and optimism. “Let the seed of your creative words be released through you to make a difference in the lives of others. You are born to prosper!”

– Pastor Aiden Jeffrey, author of Born to Prosper

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Date published: 25/03/2024
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