Written by: ICC (International Christian Concern)
Article source: www.persecution.org

Early Rain Covenant Church Pastor, Wang Yi, has been in custody since December 9, 2018. He is expected to officially start his trial soon.

However, the Chinese government recently fired Wang’s lawyer and has yet to appoint him a new attorney, prompting the presumption that he will therefore be forced to represent himself at trial. Wang’s previous attorney, Zhang Peihong, was endorsed by ERCC. ICC previously reported that, according to ERCC, it would be best for Pastor Wang to defend himself if his two original attorneys were unable to serve, due to government interference.

Despite their public condemnation of the interference, Chinese authorities have pushed out Zhang due to “close ties with Wang the Church”. Continue to pray for Pastor Wang and the other members of ERCC who were imprisoned.

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Date published: 24/11/2019
Feature image: Chinese Christian Pastor Wang Yi is seen with wife Jiang Rong at their home. Both members of the evangelical Early Rain Covenant Church, they were taken by Chinese authorities on Sunday December 9, 2018. Photo: Early Rain Covenant Church via Facebook

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