Written by: Abby Trivett
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Mosab Hassan Yousef is the son of a founding leader of Hamas who converted to Christianity and is now speaking against the terrorist organization in light of the war in Israel. In an interview on Fox News, he said that this group isn’t interested in supplying the Palestinian people with greater freedom and aid. Instead, he says the ultimate goal of Hamas is to destroy the Jewish people and make Israel an Islamic state.

“Back in 1996 when I spent about a year and a half in Megiddo prison, you know they killed so many Palestinian people at that time and this is when I decided that I cannot be together with this movement. In fact, I asked myself a question: What if they become a ruling party at some point? What will they do if they succeed in destroying Israel and building their state? What will they do? They will kill our people,” Yousef said.

Yousef realized the risk he was taking by leaving Hamas and what it meant that he would be stepping away from.

“Even though Hamas gave me advantages; you know, I was like a prince in that world…I turned against even my own blood because this is how much I did not like Hamas. And today 25 years later, they are the rulers of Gaza, and we see what they are capable of doing,” Yousef said.

Yousef also gave insight into the fact that Hamas isn’t a political movement, but rather a religious one.

“You know Hamas is not a national movement,” Yousef said. “Hamas is a religious movement with a goal to establish an Islamic state. They don’t care for nationalism. Actually, they are against nationalism. My understanding that they are using the Palestinian cause only to achieve their goals. So, the long-term goal you know, transforming the Middle East and the world into an Islamic state. This is Hamas’ agenda.”

Ministry leader Isaiah Saldivar encouraged viewers in a reaction video to heed Yousef’s warnings and not find themselves in support of Hamas. He agrees that backing the terrorist organization is the same as supporting the destruction of Israel.

“[It is] very interesting stuff; co-founder of Hamas becomes a Christian and is now speaking out for Christianity and speaking out against Hamas,” Saldivar said. “So why wouldn’t we take it from the source? It’s very clear in this war this is a fight against a terrorist organization. This is not the time to be a pacifist and say, ‘oh we just need this and we need this.'”

Saldivar also warned Americans against sleeper cells of Hamas in our nation and that it is critical right now for Christians to pray against any demonic agendas that the enemy may have planned.

As violence continues to erupt in Israel it is critical for Christians to continue to pray for those in the wake of this war and to pray for the protection of our nation against this same kind of violence.

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Date published: 20/11/2023
Feature image: Mosab Hassan Yousef

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