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From the 4-11th January, the annual Biblical Worldview conference took place in Hermanus, opening up the year with a bang as young Christians from all over the world descended on South Africa, burdened with the glorious purpose of understanding and explaining the world through the lens of a Biblical worldview.

The Summit, which saw hundreds of Christian youth gathered (in a Covid-compliant environment) to worship Christ, included a full schedule of activities and events that sought to provide confidence to the youth, to establish great Christian friendships, to provide an understanding of the forces shaping our world, to equip attendees with a positive defense of their faith, to motivate the youth to make a difference, and to provide biblical direction in their lives.

2021 Biblical Worldview Summit from Frontline Fellowship on Vimeo.

The Biblical Worldview Summit practically prepares young people to deal with the issues, temptations and pressures of life. Young people are equipped with the facts and skills they need to deal with humanism, Hollywood, and evolutionism. The Biblical Worldview Summit applies the Lordship of Christ to all areas of life. Those who understand the ideas that rule the world will have the opportunity to influence the world of ideas.

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Date published: 24/02/2021
Feature image: Screenshot Frontline Fellowship

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