Written by: Errol Naidoo
Article source: familypolicyinstitute.com

Bible believing Christians are people of conviction. Christian apologist, Ravi Zacharias once said, “Everybody holds opinions. And often those opinions change. But conviction holds you. And it never changes.” Because conviction comes from the Holy Spirit not our carnal minds.

I am held by the conviction that believers in Jesus Christ must actively “Abhor what is evil and cling to what is good” Galatians 6:9 says, “And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.” Do Not Lose Heart!

British Statesman Edmund Burke said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” This means your and my “doing nothing” potentially promotes evil in society.

One of the greatest evils perpetrated against innocent children is the global agenda to sexualize young children through radical indoctrination programs like “Comprehensive Sexuality Education” (CSE). Its diabolical agenda is to target vulnerable children with the depraved sexual rights ideology to alter the sexual and gender norms of society.

Family Policy Institute

Christian citizens do not have the option to “do nothing” when government partners with global sexual rights radicals and deliberately bypasses parental authority to indoctrinate innocent children with “abortion rights” culture, gender theory and sexual perversion.

In addition to the success of the FPI CitizenGo Petition that collected 57,000 signatures against CSE, Family Policy Institute in partnership with “Family Watch International” and the “UN Family Rights Caucus” drafted an ‘Online Letter’ to the Minister of Basic Education outlining 7 critical reasons why CSE must not be implemented in South Africa. The facts outlined in the ‘Online Letter’ is reinforced by verifiable references, data and research by respected institutions.

We also formed the “Protect Children South Africa Coalition” so individual citizens, Churches and organisations can join the Coalition and endorse the ‘Online Letter’ to the Minister of Basic Education.

Please view the 3-minute video alert here. Please also share this video widely via social media.

We need a million signatures and thousands of organisations and churches to join the coalition to send a powerful message to government,  “the majority of citizens oppose cse – so scrap its implementation in south africa now!”


I will deliver the Letter along with your signatures to the Minister of Basic Education on 30 November 2019. We are currently planning a Mass Public March to Parliament to bring attention to the fact that government plans to implement CSE in public schools in 2020 without the knowledge and consent of parents. This is an outrage that cannot be tolerated!

Please help us by forwarding this link to your family, friends, Church members and work colleagues. Urge them to sign the ‘Online Letter’ and forward to their networks. There are more than a million Christian citizens in SA. Together you and I can and must protect innocent children from sexual indoctrination.

You will not allow abortion and sexual rights activists access to your children to teach them to experiment with high-risk sexual practices and change their gender at will. But this is what CSE does! It provides global sexual rights radicals direct access to South African children – ignoring the rights and authority of parents to determine their children’s educational standards and values.

Please add your name to the “Protect Children South Africa Coalition” today and sign the ‘Online Letter’ to the Minister of Basic Education. Please also encourage everybody in your network to join and sign today.

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Date published: 21/10/2019

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  1. Why is it so impossible for the ANC to do something good for the people. All their ideas are a form of punishment. They hate what is good or rather they hate the people. Now it’s an attack on our children. To confuse them that they don’t know who they are. On top of that they have come up with sex education that is so close to pornography that it would be hard to tell the difference. More children are becoming pregnant because they are practicing what they are taught and even having sex at school. I even feel dirty just writing this and this is what our children are being taught. Parents have objected but they take no notice. God helps us in this corrupt world.

  2. How sick can a government be? First tbey destroy the country and now tbe are onto the children of which the have made rebels by taking away disciplinning. We live by God’s laws first, and then man’s laws.

  3. Our innocent children need to be protected from this abhorent and wicked abuse of their minds which will in time result in their physical violation.

  4. As christian parents we cannot let the government dictate to us what our children need to be taught about there sexuality. The Bible is clear, sex before marriage is not condoned. Outside of marriage one is not honoring GOD. It is horrifying to know that government wants to take my rights away by implementing programmes that goes against my religion.. This needs to stop..

  5. Thank you for empowering us. It is time for Christians to take our Christ ordained position to bring change to our Country.
    I say no to CSE.

  6. It will be a sad day for Bible believing parents if the CSE is implemented. Stand up for your rights and that of your children, dad and mom. Let your voice be heard.

    This government will corrupt everything they get their hands on because they are a money greedy breed and not walking in the Will of our Father in heaven.

    Shame on you Cyril, I am really ashamed of you, not to even mention how I feel about your friend of basic education. She basically hasn’t got a clue what education ia all about.

    Let her go home! Plz

  7. Yes we need to be involved with regards to what our children are being exposed to .

    We are to keep Godly morals and principals above all.

  8. I declare this plans of the ANC government to implement CSE in our schools..”nul and void” in Jesus name! I release the impenetrable blood of Jesus over our children and schools! Amen!

  9. Please let our children be children and don’t implement the CSE. We pray this in the bame of God our savior. Don’t do this please

  10. This is unacceptable. We do not want our innocent children to receive this type of sex education and indoctrination. Even if this is being taught in other countries, we do not want it here. As a Christian I strongly object to this and I am sure there are many non-Christians who feel exactly the same! This cannot be forced on our children. As parents we do still have the right to decide on our children’s sex education although it appears that the government/Education Department are trying to deny our rights as parents.

  11. I stand against the CSE policy in the strongest terms. I am utterly shocked that thinking people would even put his forward. Stop the madness now.

  12. Shocking.. I stand firmly against CSE..these little innocent minds are nowhere near ready to learn hear this let alone actually learn it…this should be introduced at puberty. Def no vote for this type of education to children under 13. Then it needs to start at the basics. Please do not let this happen.


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