A Bible Marathon in Burnely was completed in time, with help from the Bishop.

The committed congregation of St Stephen’s Church in Burnley Wood, assisted by special guests including local MP Julie Cooper, read the entire Bible in one day. 

Chairs were set up in about 10 circles around the church and members chatted over refreshments when they were waiting for their turn to read.

St Stephen’s parish priest, Rev Patrick Senior, kicked off proceedings by reading all of Genesis Chapter 1.

Organiser Pam McGrath said: “What a wonderful day it was – more than 140 people from all over Burnley came to the church between 9am and 5pm to read and between them they read 240 sections lasting 20 minutes. 

They set themselves the target of reading it all by 5pm in order to set up the church for the next day.

The church hailed it as a great social event for the church as well, as those who had read already or who were reading later in the day conversed over cake, looked at the Gideon’s Bible stand, discussed the readings, and others caught up with old friends.  

The purpose of the Bible Marathon was to promote reading the Bible on a regular basis among the congregation and those who were less familiar with it. Information about how to read the Bible was handed out at the event to help people read the Bible after they left.

The day ended just about on cue when the double act of the Dean of Blackburn, The Very Rev. Peter Howell-Jones and the Bishop of Burnley, Rt Rev. Philip North, read the final chapter of the Book of Revelation. 

Pam McGrath said: “We had some very positive comments from those who attended, with some feeling inspired to read more of their Bible – and that’s what the day was all about!”

Written by: Cara Bentley
Article source: www.premier.org.uk