Written by: Liezl Erlank and Eva Pretorius 
Article source: JOY! Magazine 

“I am a fisherman on the island where I live and because of my work, I cannot attend church services regularly. Only once a month or every two months. I love listening to FEBC’s programmes. The series I am currently listening to, is The Pursuit of Holiness. I like it a lot. I pray that God will bless FEBC Radio.”

Finally within reach of the Gospel
Vietnam continues to be one of the most challenging ministry areas for FEBC (Far East Broadcasting Company), as less than 2% of the country’s 98 million people know Christ. Yet, we are thrilled about the fact that millions of people – living in spiritual darkness, that are Buddhists, or are worshipping ancestral spirits and who would otherwise never have the opportunity to hear about Jesus’ love and salvation – are now within the reach of the Gospel!

Less than 2% of Vietnam’s 98 million people know Christ.

The groundwork for the harvest has been done
For many years we have worked very hard to do the groundwork for this great task in Vietnam, and we know it is working, because more people are converting now despite all the daily challenges they face.

Well-equipped as a Bible study leader
“I use FEBC’s technology and watch the wonderful Bible programmes with my university group. Everyone loves the programmes and we use them to study the Bible in our group. The good quality visual content makes the lessons interesting and easy to follow. We sometimes pause the video to discuss the points further. Everyone participates in the conversation. We also have some unbelievers in our group. They have many questions about the Bible. I can answer their questions well because the videos are very effective. We will continue to use these video lessons in our Bible study group.”

Innovative evangelism
FEBC’s dynamic global media ministry is constantly evolving and reaching lost souls in innovative ways. Many people’s lives are being touched by God and by our ministry as we introduce the world to our eternal Lord and Saviour.

One of the last communist countries in the world
Vietnam is one of the last communist countries in the world today. Although this country’s constitution allows freedom of religion, the government has implemented legislation that prohibits various religious practices. All religious events are being monitored by the government and people attending church services are regularly questioned about their comings and goings. Churches are regularly visited by the authorities and the government is suspicious of everything churches do. Even the way in which they conduct their services is under scrutiny. These are the circumstances in which Christians in Vietnam are forced to live.

Censorship cannot stop the Gospel
Dr. Jurie Vermeulen, the national director of FEBA (Far East Broadcasting Association) South Africa, recently visited FEBC Vietnam, where he discovered something interesting. Although FEBC broadcasts in Vietnam using short wave frequencies, they are not allowed to operate a radio station in the country. Unfortunately, the various media platforms we use in other countries have been censored. As a result, FEBC’s team in Vietnam had to employ other methods to spread the Gospel. A group of young programmers found a way to disseminate technology with evangelical content so that the government cannot detect the content. In this way, thousands of Vietnamese people are being converted.

FEBC’s global media ministry is constantly evolving and reaching lost souls in innovative ways.

Feedback from listeners all over the world
We honour God for His leadership that gives us innovative ideas to convey the Gospel, but the radio remains one of the most effective mediums for this great task. This is evident in the feedback from millions of listeners from all over the world.

“One day I was visiting my neighbour and he was listening to FEBC on the radio. In my opinion, every single programme feeds my soul and that is why I listen to FEBC regularly. Please pray for us. Many of us who are believers are being persecuted. The government sees us as a threat. However, we know that no matter what they do to us, we will continue to declare Jesus’ Name. Our only hope is in the message you bring through the radio, and our faith in our Lord. Please do not stop your broadcasts, because we rely on it daily.”

Take hands with us in the Great Commission
Our ministry is constantly using innovative methods to reach people with the Gospel. Everything we do is to the glory of God. To join us in the Great Commission, please contact us at our office in Pretoria on 012 335 5708 or visit our website for more information: www.febaradio.co.za 

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Date published: 12/01/2020

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