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7 Christian creation care organisations have issued a joint statement on the Covid-19 crisis.

“We call for a fundamental rethink regarding humanity’s relationship with nature in the light of the Covid-19 pandemic”, they say in a call related to the Renew Our World campaign.

“We believe that God has created an interdependent world within which humans have a responsibility to use the gifts and resources contained in the natural world wisely, cautiously and sustainably. We acknowledge that this has rarely been the case, and mourn both the rapid loss of biodiversity worldwide, and the consequent problems for human health and livelihoods”.

The organisations (which include A Rocha, the World Evangelical Alliance Sustainability Center, Tear Australia) note that “both the destruction and fragmentation of natural habitats, and also unsustainable, often unregulated, and frequently illegal use of wildlife and wildlife products contributes to the disruption of ecosystems and the likelihood of pathogens transferring to humanity from wild animals”.

Although they “recognise that many human societies, including some indigenous and traditional peoples, depend on wildlife products for food and medicine”, they call “for full implemen­tation of national and international laws against the illegal wildlife trade, and better regulation of legal wildlife commerce, for the good of human health and for nature’s flourishing”.

Finally, these organisations “urge Christian communities worldwide to teach the inherent value of all creatures to God and to encourage virtues of compassion, caution and care in relation to the human use of nature and its constituent parts”.

Dave Bookless (A Rocha) shared the vision behind the statement in this interview:

Read the full Renew Our World campaign statement on creation care and Covid-19 here.

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Date published: 20/05/2020
Feature image: Clouded Leopard, Eskilstuna Parken Zoo, Eskilstuna, Sweden. unsplash.com

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