Written by: Robbie Cairncross
Article source: JOY! Magazine

Paul asks us if we know that our body is the temple of God in which His Spirit dwells (1 Cor 3:16, 6:19). Being a Christian does not guarantee that one’s body will be healthy. I have seen many great men and women of God who are very overweight, and many very unhealthy. What we eat and the health of our body – His temple – is totally our responsibility. Did you know 70% of women and 38% of men in South African are overweight? Being overweight leads to sicknesses – which some call lifestyle diseases – that include high blood pressure, type two diabetes, and cholesterol.

I struggled to lose weight
Despite my restricted fat intake and carbo-loaded diet, with a fair amount of physical exercise, I was putting on weight. I weighed 110kg on a 1.84m frame. My BMI was 29.56. I was in ‘pre-obesity’. I continually had a lot of stress. One evening on the way to the shower my left leg went completely numb. It felt like it was not mine. Half way through the shower, all feeling returned. I went to hospital. It was a mild stroke. I had hypertension. The doctors explained that I would have high blood pressure for life. I was bordering on type 2 Diabetes and I was on the road to a severe stroke and heart attack. I was told to take statins for my blood pressure and other medications to prevent diabetes. I was just another statistic. My high carbohydrate intake and low fat intake resulted with me in hospital on a path of lifelong medication. Something had to change. And it did. I cut out the 5 white poisons: sugar, salt, white bread/cake flour, potatoes, and low fat milk. I lost 15kg in 40 days. I am no longer on any medication.

Fix your health today!
I have written a book called Be Set Weight Free in which I go into more detail and offer you a great way to change your eating behaviour and lose weight. This is a must read if you are overweight and unhealthy. Allow your food to be your medicine. This book costs R200 and can be ordered by emailing info@gosetfree.com

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Date published: 20/11/2019
Robbie Cairncross is available to minister. Visit his website www.jesusbesetfree.tv or email robbie@jesusbesetfree.tv
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