Written by: Erin Georgiou
Article source: JOY! Magazine

“So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”
– Romans 10:17

I get so encouraged and excited by the Word of God. Every day, as I read my Bible, I am reminded of His care and love towards us. His Word strengthens my faith and helps me get through any negative situations that may arise. I feel empowered to overcome obstacles that come my way.

A successful way to start a day
I am so grateful that, from an early age, my pastor/spiritual mentor encouraged me to be disciplined and to “seek first the kingdom of God” before I start my day. Reading the Word before I get up has carried me and helped make me successful.

We all need help!
I have come to believe that nothing can be taken for granted – we all need help in order to thrive. The best help is daily guidance from the Holy Spirit. I can honestly say that I will not make any decision without first praying. I encourage every believer to instil this same discipline.

Seek the Lord
We are living in unprecedented times of change and should not consider depending on our own understanding and intellect to navigate the way forward. We have the Word and the Holy Spirit to guide us. God did not leave us as orphans. Listen to His instructions.

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Date published: 19/05/2024
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