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Devotional Ballad From Durban-Based Singer, Songwriter & Producer Offers A Ray Of Hope

That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth“- Philippians 2:10

Durban- born multi-instrumentalist and Christian recording artist- Lenski Alfred is spreading the word of God through his unique sound and has released Your Name, a single from his latest body of work. His passion for bass playing has afforded him the opportunity to feature on various albums from big stars such as kwaito pioneer Mandoza, Lionel Richie’s Drummer- Oscar Seaton and Javier Solis to name a few.

Lenski Alfred is releasing his first single titled ‘Your Name’ – a contemporary Christian soft-rock ballad and heartfelt song of praise and worship.

This is Lenski’s first release following his 2012 album ‘My Life’, which encompassed his signature style (think Johnny Clegg meets Phil Collins in the realm worship music).

“This single has given me hope during these times,” says Lenski. “I’m not fearful, but confident that the Creator of the Heavens and Earth is in control and I want to pass that love to all.”

Born to a family of musicians, Lenski learnt guitar and bass guitar from his older brothers Levine and Leon, and began playing in the church band from a young age. In 2007, he started an experimental recording studio in his bedroom with a friend, which grew to become a state-of-the-art professional recording facility called One Take – still in the same room.

Notable names that Lenski has played, recorded or featured on albums with include Ernie Smith, Oscar Seaton (drummer for Lionel Richie and George Benson), Garth Taylor, Natalie Rungan, Burton Naidoo, Mandoza, Michael Parlett, Lee Thornburg and Javier Solis.

With ‘Your Name’, Lenski’s aim was to send a positive message of hope and encouragement to all – and the reception has been just that. He says that he’s received responses from listeners who felt great peace and relaxation through the soulful song. Others have connected to the song on a spiritual level, finding it easier for them to worship and pray.

Newfound fans can rest assured that there is more to come very soon from this melodious musician, as he is currently in the process of completed more singles.

In a time where faith has never been more important, Lenski Alfred has delivered in the most sublime way.

‘Your Name’ can be found on all major digital music platforms.

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Date published: 13/09/2020
Feature image: Lenski Alfred

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