Written by: Errol Naidoo
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I write this newsletter from Los Angeles, California in the US. I am preparing for the Shepherds Conference entitled, “Truth Triumphs” at Grace Community Church 6 – 8 March. More than 5000 Pastors from across the US and the world are expected to attend three days of intense Bible teaching from some of the best expositors of the Word of God.

Being immersed in Biblical truth is precisely what I need after attending the “National Conference on the Integrated Criminal Justice System and the review of the Criminal Procedure Act” in JHB 27 – 28 Feb. Biblical truth did not exist at this event. Even reality was suspended to commend the Dept of Justice and Constitutional Development for a job well done. Criminal Justice System failures were blamed on “external systemic errors.”

A few speakers briefly mentioned family breakdown as one of the causes of widespread crime and violence in South Africa. Police Minister, Bheki Cele complained about the proliferation of taverns in townships which are “hotbeds of crime and violence.” Despite knowing this for decades, the ANC regime refuses to reduce taverns in residential areas.

During the Q&A session, I asked why government has not done more to restore and strengthen the family given the fact that research consistently indicate family breakdown is the root cause of crime and anti-social behaviour. I mentioned the links of gangsterism and skyrocketing teen-pregnancies to fatherless homes. I also asked the Justice Minister how he reconciled the fight against Gender Based Violence with a decriminalized sex industry.

Gareth Newham of the Institute of Security Studies (ISS) presented a sobering research-based perspective of the staggering failures of the Criminal Justice System. For example, despite a 73 percent increase in SAPS budget (R109 billion) there was an actual decline in personnel. Of the 53,498 sexual crimes recorded by SAPS, only 4,627 cases were finalized by a chronically under-budgeted/staffed National Prosecuting Authority (NPA).

More tragically, SAPS recorded 27,272 murders in 2022/2023. However, only 3,358 cases were finalized by the NPA. Incredibly, the NPA declined to prosecute more the 53 percent of cases due to poor police work. To add to this litany of staggering failures, the corruption ridden SAPS is defending more than R500 million in legal claims for criminal misconduct.

Family Policy Institute

Despite this, Mr. Newham commended DoJ officials for their commitment to “fighting crime” and attempted to mitigate the impact of the data he presented claiming, “crime figures in other countries are worse.” Newham also responded to my references to family breakdown and fatherless homes by declaring, “it doesn’t matter what the family looks like” as long as children have good “caregivers.” I maintained; mountains of research consistently show the two-parent intact family is the best environment to raise children on every social indicator.

It became obvious the conference was not an honest effort to evaluate the Criminal Justice System. Presenters appear to be selected for their ability to gloss over serious and clear evidence of corruption and mismanagement to focus on “improved internal programs.”

I plan to submit written proposals on how best to amend the Criminal Procedure Act to effectively fulfill the strategic objectives of the DoJ’s Criminal Prevention Strategy (CPS).

I will travel to New York next week to join the “UN Family Rights Caucus” for critical lobby work at the UN. The “Commission for the Status for Women” commences 11 – 22 March. Thousands of abortion and sexual rights activists will descend on the UN to advance their diabolical anti-family agenda. Pro-family advocates must counter this assault on faith, family and religious freedoms by lobbying member-state representatives with the facts.

Please commit to pray for the work of Family Policy Institute (FPI). We face formidable opposition by powerful groups. I also appeal for your financial partnership in this vital ministry. The work I do serves to amplify your voice in the corridors of power.

Please pray for and partner with FPI today. We need your prayers and partnership now more than ever before. You and I can do more together than on our own. God bless you.

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Date published: 05/03/2024
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