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11th Hour counseling was initiated after the Termination of Pregnancy Act was passed in the South African Parliament in February 1997. Many women and young girls who found themselves in unexpected pregnancies needed advice and help.

Nina McNeil is one of the ladies who make up an efficient team of lady councelors. They are available to help pregnant mothers who contemplate aborting their unborn children or who after an abortion have spiritual and other problems. The team functions under the efficient guidance of Doctors For Life International.

Nina says: “Many times in my life I have called on God because of the difficult circumstances I experienced due to the consequences of sin in my own life. One day I cried to God and said: Lord I will do anything for You!”

God heard my prayer and called me into this ministry with 11th hour. We are a team of women who work and pray together for pregnant mothers, the unborn child and for those who have had an abortion.

David says in Psalm 139:13 “You have formed my inward parts you have covered me in my mother’s womb. I will praise You for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”

We are all pro-life and rest on the sanctity of life from fertilization to natural death.

Many women and young girls feel lonely, scared and left alone by their boyfriend’s who run away not prepared to take responsibility. Similarly if they fall pregnant from a rape they are scared and in an unsure state.

Many girls do not have sound relationships with their parents. When they phone, we encourage them to discuss the matter with their parents asking for help, understanding and forgiveness.

Parents are usually disappointed if their children fall pregnant outside of marriage. However repentance is a marvelous gift that does remarkable things.

We councel the women and girls who phone us according to three particular areas: spiritual, physical and emotional. If they have had an abortion they tend to blame themselves and struggle to find forgiveness for what they have done.

Most women experience Post Abortion Syndrome (PAS) which is a real condition amongst mothers who have had an abortion. We encourage them and will lead them to Jesus, Who died on the cross for our wrongs and sins. If they repent they find forgiveness and spiritual healing.

Women who have had an abortion often suffer depression which may lead to suicidal tendencies. Being on the internet, men and women from 91 countries have called us for help and advice. We experience the devastating impact that abortion is having in many countries. We at times receive up to 5000 calls per month. Men can also be affected. They develop anger fits and addictive behavior because they have violated their basic human instinct and responsibility of providing protection and pro-creating.

The unborn child is a fully fledged life with its own unique DNA and purpose in life. In our counseling particularly in South Africa we encourage the girls in particular, that adoption is a much better option. With the help of trustworthy and reliable Social Workers, loving and caring homes are found for the babies.

Many whom we speak to in late pregnancies, will decide to keep and parent their babies. Talking to the women and girls and informing them about the after effects has helped many to change their minds and keep the child.

Many mothers will phone and notify us that they have kept their babies. Some will send a photo of the child. In the first year we became aware of 6 babies that were saved.

Today we know of at least 150 that were not aborted. The eldest child is today about 10 years of age and is supported by one of the counsellor. Each year on his birthday he receives a gift. Where possible we follow up on the babies.

More than 1 000 women from all over the world have indicated that they will keep their babies.

God says in Proverbs 31:8 “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.”

We are most grateful to God for His guidance every day as we speak to women from many different countries.

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Date published: 06/01/2020

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