Written by: Abby Trivett
Article source: www.charismanews.com

The first brain chip implant appears to be working.

Elon Musk first shared on X back in January that the very first human had received an implant from Neuralink, and that their recovery was going just fine.

“Initial results show promising neuron spike detection,” Musk wrote on X.

Now, Musk is saying that the implant itself appears to be working.

In an interview with Brock Pierson, Musk said that the patient was able to “control the mouse, move the mouse around the screen just by thinking. We’re trying to get as many button presses as possible from thinking, so that’s what we’re currently working on.”

Musk also has announced that version 1.5 of X’s Grok AI generator will be releasing in a couple of weeks. Musk believes that “rigorous pursuit of truth, without regard to criticism, has never been more essential.”

This comes on the heels of OpenAI’s plan to raise $5-$7 trillion dollars for CEO Sam Altman’s ‘chip project’ of establishing chip factories in the United Arab Emirates.

With the rapid growth and expansion of artificial intelligence, most of what we are currently seeing appears to have come straight out of a science fiction film. Our current post-modern times leave many people to wonder about job replacements, deepfakes, the spread of misinformation and much more. Yet, AI is also providing us with the ability to make some tasks easier, including Bible translating to help fulfill the Great Commission.

As artificial intelligence continues to advance, discernment must be used about what does and does not seem biblically sound. Both the positive and negative consequences must be considered by those creating and using different programs and technologies, including whether or not we are seeing the mark of the beast come forward from these products (Rev. 13:17).

As we move forward, it’s clear that giant artificial intelligence companies will play a major role in how our society functions.

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Date published: 28/02/2024
Feature image: Image for illustrative purposes only. Artwork adapted from commons.wikimedia.org

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