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Have you ever wondered how it’s possible for persecuted believers to still tell someone about Jesus, given the many restrictions they face in their countries? It’s possible because they make the difficult chose to share Jesus with others despite the risks so that many can know about the hope and salvation that they have in Him. And the wonderful thing about the Gospel is that it’s for the young and old and even those who might feel they may be a lost cause. Today, God is using young and old believers to serve Him in some of the most closed countries in the world. These believers are fearless, bold, and know that the Gospel shouldn’t be silenced. But must reach the ends of the earth! But they too had to go on a journey to find God before He could use them. Here are some stories of salvation of a group of young people that attended leadership training for young youth leaders, which was hosted by Open Doors.

Salvation through the Holy Spirit
When we asked Ali* how he accepted Jesus, he said: “One day I met a Christian guy. He started to talk to me about Christ, so I talked to him about Islam. He said: ‘It’s not me speaking to you, it’s the Holy Spirit living in me.’ The Christian man’s statement about the Holy Spirit stuck with Ali, and God started working in his life through the ministering of the Holy Spirit. He heard the Holy Spirit speak to him on many occasions. Eventually, he went to church and gave his life to Christ. The Holy Spirit is our helper, and when He speaks, we should listen. He may be using us to impact others or He may be wanting to change our lives for the better.

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Salvation through Generosity
It was believers’ giving that led Masoud* to the heart of Christ. She says, “I saw these people who were better than me, who were more generous. They gave away their shoes or their shirt when they saw someone in need. I saw a difference with these people. When you ask me, what brought me to faith, then it’s the testimony of these people. I started to read the Bible and became a believer.” A heart that gives is an opportunity that God can use to open people’s hearts to Christ.

Salvation through Searching
Ehsan* was full of hatred and tried committing suicide twice. One day a guy who wasn’t a Christian gave him the Book of John because he was concerned about him. “I read it at home and saw how much God spoke about love and forgiveness… In John, I read about love, peace, and I felt I needed those in my life. I found one of the Christian television stations and, through that, I started to understand who Jesus is and why He came to earth.” When his father got sick, he prayed like the people on the Christian station and his father was healed. His searching led him and his entire family to Christ.

Salvation through Surrender
Djamilia* witnessed how other people experienced dreams of Jesus and heard Him speak to them, but she never experienced any of that. And none of their encounters moved her to give her life to Christ. “Only years later, something broke in me when I was facing difficulties, and I finally surrendered everything to God, and at that moment, everything changed.” Sometimes it’s not the encounter that leads you to Jesus, but the surrender to Him.

Salvation through Other People’s Transformations
When Aliya* got older, she was exposed to other ways of thinking. And she became more drawn to her atheist father’s way of thinking. But that all changed when she saw how her aunt had been transformed after she became a Christian. She started asking questions. “My aunt spent time with me and talked through all the questions I had. I visited my aunt’s church and I even brought my dad who agreed to come out of curiosity. My father didn’t return but I kept going.” Eventually, she gave her life to Christ. The Gospel is wonderful, it doesn’t only have the power to change our own lives, but the lives of those around us.

These are just a few of many stories of how God is transforming people’s lives, not just in North Africa but across the world. As he transforms these people’s lives, He’s also using people like you and me to impact them in their Christian faith. Towards the end of the leadership training, Jack* (70 years old) felt moved to serve young believers almost 40 years younger them him by washing their feet, just like Jesus washed his disciples’ feet.

Maybe just like John, you also want to make an impact and wash the feet of many young and old believers who are taking the bold step to follow Jesus. You can symbolically wash the feet of these believers by partnering with Open Doors to equip, bless and encourage them as they shine the light of Christ in their countries. Click here to see the many ways you can strengthen our persecuted family…

*Names changed and representative image used for security purposes.

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Date published: 19/06/2020

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