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The ministry of Far East Broadcasting Association (FEBA) is growing by leaps and bounds in Africa and new milestones are being reached regularly. In Malawi, the new studio, Litala FM, is well underway after broadcasts to local communities were introduced through internet broadcasting. There are now six FEBA radio stations in Africa: Radio FOT; Hope Radio Chiuanjota and Radio Nuru in Mozambique; Radio Shahada in Chad; KanuYah FM in Mali, and Litala FM in Malawi.

The filters for the new radio station are already on their way from Italy and the station should be in full swing soon. Malawi has a potential target audience of between three and four million listeners.

Success has already been achieved in Malawi with the conversion of Yao Muslims in the south-eastern parts of the country. With the new local radio stations, even more people can be reached in the remote areas; expectations are high!

FEBA strengthens converts
It is claimed that more than 80% of all religious persecution is aimed at Christians, and Malawi is no exception. There are regular reports of tensions between Muslims and Christians. Looters damage church buildings and new believers are attacked. In the midst of the persecution, the FEBA radio broadcasts play a very important role in supporting the new converts and strengthening their faith.

Their own broadcasting license after 30 years
FEBA Malawi only received its own FM broadcasting license in 2020, after using other radio networks for more than 30 years to broadcast spiritual and educational programmes. Previously, the team also broadcast from a church in Blantyre. Donations were used to develop the new radio station, to purchase equipment, and to re-appoint staff that had to be retrenched as a result of the pandemic.

Amid persecution, FEBA radio supports new converts.

Great success and results with listener clubs
The team is particularly successful with listener clubs set up in various districts in villages such as Balak, Mangochi, Machinga, Salima, and Zomba. Thousands of listener clubs have already been established and progress was made, especially in March last year, with the establishment of an extra 150 active listener clubs. The production team of the Way of Life programme visits the listener clubs regularly. Some of the clubs led to the establishment of churches in the villages of Salima and Balaka.

In Blantyre, even Covid-19 did not stop the team’s work. Despite the pandemic, they continued to faithfully serve the Yao Muslims in surrounding villages. Thousands of Yao Muslims have already been converted, thanks to FEBA Malawi, and it is expected that Litala FM will continue to build on the good foundation already laid. Although the team could not travel far due to the pandemic, they still kept in touch with 210 Yao Muslims from the listeners’ club and introduced 130 of them to the Lord.

A feather in the cap for the Malawi team
The exceptional growth of the listener clubs holds great potential for the spread of the Gospel, as it attracts other villagers. “I listen to FEBA’s broadcasts daily. Every programme gives me peace of mind,” a listener of Kachenga let us know. Another assures us, “Without a radio I would never have been part of a church.”

It is gratifying to hear such testimonies, a feather in the cap of the Malawi team. The team’s successes testify to hard work, deep faith, and perseverance. The new radio station is an outstanding achievement, especially considering that the team often has to face a variety of challenges such as heavy rainfall, bridges collapsing due to the heavy rains, and also the bad roads, which made the transportation of the equipment difficult.

Competent management
FEBA Malawi is under the able management of Rev. Amos Siyabu Phiri. He and his team are constantly looking for towns where listener clubs have not yet been established. They also visit established clubs to share the Word of God and distribute radios. Leaders of the clubs receive guidance on how to care for their members and how to disciple them.

Interesting history
The sharing of the Gospel in Malawi has an interesting history. In the 1880’s, Robert Laws and a group of Scottish Presbyterian missionaries brought the Gospel to Bandawe on Lake Malawi. Because of their historical contact with the Arab slave traders the local Yao people had accepted Islam as a religion. Since FEBA began preaching the Gospel to them, thousands have repented and surrendered their lives to Christ. This victory is a direct result of FEBA’s radio ministries.

Team up with FEBA
If you feel led to join forces with FEBA, you are warmly invited to work with the organisation. Feel free to visit their website: febaradio.co.za, or call 012 335 5708.

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Date published: 10/01/2022

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