Written by: International Christian Concern
Article source: www.persecution.org

Editor’s note: International Christian Concern relieves the suffering of the worldwide persecuted church and helps it grow in strength and breadth. One major initiative is to help recent converts to Christianity, often Muslim-background believers (MBBs), who face discrimination and persecution after their decision. The following is a testimony of one such believer and how he put his faith and trust in Jesus Christ.

“My name is Juhan.* I am from a city with an almost 100% Muslim population. In 2018, my friend invited me to come to a meeting in a city where there was a servant of God, Pastor Yosa, who was telling a story about Jesus Christ. I gathered some friends to go, see and listen to this man. Pastor Yosa was summoned by local Muslim leaders and teachers who interrogated him again. Previously. he had been beaten by Muslims in our area. But on this occasion, he was released and told not to return to this area.

After that incident, my heart became restless. I thought a lot about Pastor Yosa’s words.

In 2021, I searched for Pastor Yosa on Facebook and contacted him, asking for his WhatsApp number. He gave me his number. I wondered why he was not afraid.

In 2022, I asked to meet Pastor Yosa and said I wanted to learn more about Jesus Christ. Pastor Yosa told me to come to his house, and I started learning about Jesus Christ with him.

I returned to my parents’ house during Idul Fitri (holiday marking the end of Ramadan) this year in April. My parents know I have often been to Pastor Yosa’s house all this time. They have forbidden me to go there again.

I told my parents that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world. It is in John 3:16. My parents got angry and kicked me out of the house.

Thanks very much to ICC who has helped me by providing funds to rent a house for one year in a safe location so I could try to start a new life. I keep praying for my family so that our relationship will improve, and God will touch my family.”

* Name and location are disguised.

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Date published: 27/01/2024
Feature image: Image for illustrative purposes only. Artwork from unsplash.com

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