Written by: Hermien van den Bergh
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I was retrenched in 2012 and had no idea what to do with my life, or how I would cope financially. What gave me a glimmer of hope was a message that I had heard from a pastor on TV, “When you go through troubled times, you are shifting gears, and God is transitioning you – He is promoting you in His Kingdom.” The Holy Spirit kept nudging me with words from Matthew 4:23 “… travel throughout the region…”. I had no idea that these words would radically change the trajectory of my life.

Hermien with Amy, whose knowledge of the Bible is growing, thanks to the discipleship sessions and training she receives as a young Christian

God makes all things work for good
Friends of mine, Peter and Anneline Bacon, invited me to stay with them for three months in their beautiful home in Mauritius. How amazing is God, turning a bad experience for my good? That was just the beginning of Romans 8:28 becoming a reality in my life. Led by a strong desire to obey Him no matter what, I organised my life accordingly. It was hard in the beginning as I did not fully understand the call. Some people I knew criticised me – to the rational mind, using words from an ‘ancient book’ to navigate life is sheer lunacy.

Dawid baptises one of the new converts.

Calling confirmed
One day, a lady invited me to preach in their Creole church. I jumped at the opportunity. That night I preached my heart out about the goodness of God and the need for salvation. To my great surprise, people came streaming to the front to receive Jesus.

After two years of following the Lord’s guidance, my son, Dawid, and I were full-time travelling missionaries. Although our reach was limited in the beginning, it grew like a mustard seed. Now we have a yearly circular route with mission trips to South Africa, Lesotho, Malawi, and Botswana. Salvations, lives transformed, miracles, signs, and wonders have become the norm for us. The saying that ‘God turns our pain into purpose’ became a reality for me. He had changed a step down in the world into a powerful step up in His Kingdom.

Hermien with the woman who invited her to preach in the Creole church in Mauritius

The harvest is ready
We were recently in Ladybrand serving an Asian community. While at lunch we led a Taiwanese gentleman to the Lord. We then went to visit a large knitting factory in Maseru, serving Sesotho workers in the day and Asian workers at night. It was in this factory that I witnessed a powerful miracle. A young Sesotho lady showed me a large, painful tumour on her knee. She told me that the clinic couldn’t help her and that she had to limp to work.

With new friends in Ladybrand. Amy (wearing the pink sweater) is a new convert

I was desperate to help this woman and I cried out to God to heal her. I commanded healing in Jesus’ Name, and with my eyes glued on the tumour, I expected it to disappear. To my utter amazement, it did. The tumour started shrinking, little by little, until the woman yelled, “The pain is gone! It is gone!” I was in awe of God’s goodness and the privilege of witnessing a miracle. We both were ecstatic.

A discipleship session to equip Christians

New disciples
We also ministered to many Asian workers in this factory. This people group, in particular, excites us. In Asia, many Christian missionaries are controlled and banned, but this is not the case in the backstreets of Maseru’s industrial area. We have full access to build relationships, evangelise, and minister to new believers, thanks to the Chan family who are the on fire Christian owners of the factory. Some of the workers have never heard of Jesus before, but now as dedicated disciples of Jesus we trust that they will go home to their respective countries as missionaries to share the Good News of the Kingdom.

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Date published: 01/08/2022
Feature image: The young woman whose tumour miraculously disappeared.
Hermien Van Den Bergh – is a travelling missionary. For anyone interested in following her and Dawid’s journey, or to invite them as guest speakers, visit lofunlimited.org, email info@lofunlimited.org

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  1. An outstanding project to partner with. I have experienced with hardly a monthly amount for themselves to survive – they build 2 churches in Malawi, sow in others lives and always had the joy of the Lord in their hearts and shining the Glory of wherever they move!


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