President Cyril Ramaphosa says government is moving ahead with plans to downgrade South Africa’s Embassy in Israel in fulfilment of a resolution agreed to at the African National Congress (ANC)‘s national conference more than a year ago.

Ramaphosa told Parliament that government stands with the Palestinian people in their fight for self-determination but also recognises Israel’s right to sovereignty.

He said the decision was based on the continuing violation of Palestinian’s rights and the Israeli government’s failure to enter negotiations for a two-state solution.

Ramaphosa said International Relations and Cooperation Minister Lindiwe Sisulu and officials were “working feverishly” on effecting the decision to downgrade South Africa’s embassy in Tel Aviv. 

“Our approach is informed by our concern at the ongoing violation of the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination and refusal of the government of Israel to enter into meaningful negotiations to find a just and peaceful resolution to this conflict.”

Ramaphosa said South Africa is concerned about the resurgence of conflict in the region and that the government is still open to play a role in helping to end it. 

“The decision to downgrade the embassy in Israel is informed precisely by the violation of the rights of Palestinians and we are therefore putting pressure on Israel – but at the same time, we are saying we are willing to play a role and ensure there is peace [in the Middle East].”

Ramaphosa gave no indication when the downgrade will take effect. He said this will be made known once Cabinet has finalised the move.

Date published: 11/03/2019
Written by: Gaye Davis (Edited by Mihlali Ntsabo)
Feature image: President Cyril Ramaphosa. Picture: @CyrilRamaphosa/Twitter.
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    • Indeed!!

      Said GOD: I will bless them, that bless you, and will curse them, that curse you”…

      If I still had any hope for South Africa, that hope hardly exists now having read this biased proclamation!!

      Sooo ill- informed because of all the propaganda against Israel!!
      TWO sides to any story!!

  1. This bodes no good for South Africa. To support the PLO, is in actual fact giving credit to an organization that does not believe in God and His Word. The PLO are receiving funds from Iran through Syria, which supports terrorism and the ultimate destruction of Israel, which is God’s chosen land.

    Take an in-depth look at all the countries that have turned their backs on Israel and take note of all the wars and human suffering that is currently being experienced. There is no prosperity nor anything positive happening in them.

    There is a biblical prophecy that says: I(God) will bless those that bless Israel (God). The ANC in all its “clever” wisdom, should take serious note of this, should Mr. Ramaphosa want South Africa to regain prosperity, wealth and success for her people.

  2. So here we go… this just shows what kind of a government we have their true colour is constantly coming more and more to light they are nothing but a weapon of evil been forced upon our people and sadly our country as a whole….the demise of South Africa is imminent with this terrible decision….a country that goes against Israel will lose the Blessing of God….Ramaphosa and the ANC and all other parties like them are nothing but terrorists who are determined to subject us to their so called desires and horrendous belief system….this may be the ANC position on Israel but it most certainly is not the position that countless Christian South Africans of all colours agree with….we are for Israel and are 100% against so-called Palestinian Occupation of land that Biblically belongs to Israel…there has never ever been a Palestinian state ever in any history….these people occupying territory that belongs to Israel need to return to the actual Arab nations that they actually historically belong to….namely. …Jordan….Lebanon….Syria….and Saudi Arabia….time for them to pack up and go home stop perpetuating a lie that even they know is completely and utterly false….a lie from the pit of hell. ….the ANC do not have my vote or agreement on this….they must correct their wording and stop saying that South Africa agrees with this because the MAJORITY OF SOUTH AFRICANS DO NOT! !!!!!!ANC frankly you have no right to do this without a referendum from the people of South Africa….you are not our government in fact you are imposters from Satan himself you need to go and be completely and utterly removed from office….you are nothing but a criminal cabal that has robbed our country blind and now you think you can have a policy in Israel? ??!!!!Seriously I think NOT.

  3. Whoever touches Israel, touches the apple of God’s eye. “I will bless those who bless Israel, and I will curse those who curse Israel” (God Almighty)

  4. What does ‘downgrading ‘ really mean in this context? Moving to a kibbutz? Saving money?🤪😜.

  5. CR must read his Bible. Only then will he realise it is not as much the physical Israel they and the world want,
    but behind it all is to kill all Jews.
    Hatred is against God’s physical and God’s Spiritual Israel.
    This is what the world preferring not to see.
    SA will therefore not be blessed as God said: “I will bless those who bless you and I will curse those who cursed you”
    I did not say it, God said it and that settle it for me.
    No genius brain is needed to understand why SA is so cursed.
    But carry on this way as the World, and deal with God Himself.
    SA is not fighting against a physical Israel but against God Himself in the Spiritual realm.

  6. Ramaphosa be very careful with your choice that you are making on a spiritual level . You are coming up against God Himself the Alpha & Omega of all living & breathing life forms. God is not to be mocked . He is jealous over His people . He will rule & REIGN no matter what. We truly pray for you for God’s mercy and grace and true salvation .

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