Written by: Stan, Trinity Harps
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Trinity Harps is the leading manufacturer of harps and specialised wood carvings in South Africa.

I follow a faith walk with our Father God, hearing His voice and fulfilling His plan and purpose in my life.

God never calls the qualified, but the willing, and then He qualifies them to carry out His plan in His Kingdom.

I have never played any musical instrument in my life before; I believe that is why God chose me to build these awesome harp instruments for His Kingdom – To worship and praise Him.

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The harp is God’s heart, and you can read all about how the Father led me to manufacture these instruments His way, as well as what it means and how He wants us to worship Him.

On my website—www.trinityharps.com you can download my ebook F.R.O.G. for free, and also pass it on to anyone who would be interested in Harp worship.

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A friend of mine plays the piano, and has never played the harp before, a little practice and enthusiasm and the results are great. Here is a video of harps and Dee playing some tunes:

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Date published: 16/11/2019

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