Right in the middle of the Horn of Africa – that is where Harvesters Ministries met with pastors during the month of February. These pastors are part of a church network of more than 500 churches that were started through aggressive evangelism in this region. What makes this significant is that all this growth happened in a country surrounded by countries known for their extreme hostility towards Christianity which include Somalia, Sudan, the Nuba Mountain region, Eritrea and Djibouti.

Somalia is currently the 2nd most dangerous country for a Christian to live in. In Eritrea pastors are locked up in shipping containers and the church experiences terrible persecution. Ethiopia’s political climate has changed for the better and with a new Prime Minister who is a professing Christian, this positive influence is already flowing over Ethiopian borders into these hostile nations.

Ethiopia is at the heart of the Horn!
Ethiopia has become a beacon of hope, a shining light amidst the darkness of the Horn that surrounds them.

The pastors in Ethiopia are truly on fire for God. When Harvesters arrived in Ethiopia we found a church already doing aggressive evangelism and rapid church planting. These remarkable church leaders embraced the Harvesters training material and methodology and very strong partnerships were formed. Since January 2019, a remarkable 1500 beautiful souls were won, and baptised, for the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. If these pastors can make such an impact within one month, imagine what they are capable of with the rest of the year still lying ahead!

The greatest victory of all – all these new believers are planted in churches and growing as disciples in their communities where they are consistently leading the lost to Christ through evangelism.

We praise God for what is happening in Ethiopia right now. Harvesters Ministries, in partnership with the local church, is opening the way so that the Horn of Africa may know Jesus.

The harvest is ready to be gathered.
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Date published: 11/03/2019
Written by: Leandra Goosen, Harvesters Ministries
Article source: Supplied