Written by: Judi Moore, Heal Ministries 
Article source: JOY! Magazine

We constantly hear of how people wish they had only found HEAL sooner!

Because we serve a loving Father who pursues us relentlessly, there are many stories of redemption. This is ours!

My husband, Graham, was battling with a crack-cocaine addiction that nearly destroyed his life and that of our family. In August 2003, he was admitted into rehab. Shortly thereafter he wanted to give up and leave. In utter despair and crying out for help, something happened that changed his life forever. He had a super natural encounter with Jesus. Coming out of treatment he thought that he was ‘Captain Recovery,’ wanting to save the world. Graham put himself in extremely dangerous situations. He went into crack houses to extract victims, with no accountability. The Lord quickly revealed to Graham this was not what he was called to do. The Lord planted a seed in his heart of an accountable support structure, for both those battling with an addiction and their loved ones.

God intends for His people to be united, loving, and helping one another.

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The start of the journey
One Saturday morning while talking to the Lord, Graham excitedly told  me about a vision that God had just given him. It was a vision with the letters, H.E.A.L. Each letter was an acronym that clearly appeared before his eyes, Healing Educating Addicted Lives. God had instructed Graham to bring H.E.A.L. to His people by opening support groups across the nations!

Our journey began with HEAL partnering with local churches. There are many wonderful support groups that exist, however I truly believe that HEAL is special and unique. Guided by the Holy Spirit and a servant heart, our groups and facilitators have such depth and years of experience, which is an absolute testimony of God’s hand at work.

Lives have been transformed
Many lives have been touched and new life has been breathed into souls that were once shattered by the devastation and destruction that only addiction can bring. God intends for His people to be united, connected, loving, and helping one another. Satan – our enemy – deceives us, wants to isolate us, and turns us against one another, shifting our focus on to ourselves!

HEAL works! We go beyond the extra mile. Everyone is worthy, loved, and made to feel special. HEAL is a safe place where people are not judged or criticised. It is a place where like minded people come together and share their stories of pain and struggle. Stories that can only be understood by someone who has a loved one caught in the snares of addiction.

HEAL is a safe place where people are not judged or criticised.

Where we are serving
HEAL started in 2005 and to date we have 17 HEAL support groups across South Africa. Several of our HEAL groups have been serving the communities for over a decade. Our facilitators – most of whom have walked this difficult road – are equipped, trained, and passionate to see lives changed. We honour their loyalty and dedication to the ministry. God has opened doors into Daveyton, a large township community where the consumption of Nyaope (a mix of heroin, marijuana, and other substances) is destroying the youth. HEAL is fighting addiction on the forefront of this battlefield – we are trusted leaders and pioneers in the field of recovery support groups for the entire family. A major foundational Scripture for us is Isaiah 58:12, which says, “You shall raise up the foundations of many generations; and you shall be called the Repairer of the Breach…”

An open-door policy
Our doors are open to all persons, regardless of their beliefs, age, race, gender, or anything else that could divide. We also welcome those who are in active addiction, but within strict boundaries for the safety of the group. When necessary, we refer to reliable registered treatment facilities. Many treatment facilities and halfway houses refer to HEAL as one of the best aftercare support.

Educating families, churches, and the community is critical
HEAL also assists with helping to start the process of recovery and how to identify if someone is caught up in addiction. This includes substance abuse, sexual behaviour (pornography etc), eating disorders, gambling, self-harm, internet addiction, and more. We strive to further bring education on recovery principles to schools, churches, work places, and communities by means of workshops, lectures, and other recovery initiatives.

Work together
HEAL provides an accountable support network for both those in recovery and also for their supporting family members. Recovery has a better chance if the whole family is working together. Our support consists of educational tools and group therapy as we recognise the value of the groups’ input as a whole, especially those members with similar past experiences. To start a HEAL support group in your church, please contact us.

We honour you Lord Jesus for your goodness and wonderful works.
Thank you for the gift of recovery.

Heal Ministries

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Date published: 12/02/2020

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