Hundreds of members of the Church of the Nazarene took the streets recently in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, to share the gospel in an event called Urban Invasion.

The initiative aimed to promote missionary service, train participants to evangelize in urban areas, and share the message of salvation to more than 600 people in the Dominican capital.

Hundreds share the gospel in the streets of the Dominican Republic

225 Participants, 19 Churches
The initial plan was to gather 100 people from the central district to participate in the event, but the response from the church was very positive. In total, there were 225 participants from 19 churches in four different districts.

The event began with workshops on urban evangelism for adults, youth and children, led by the regional coordinator of Global Missions, Scott Armstrong.

Sharing The Gospel And Serving Those In Need
In the afternoon, the participants put into practice what they learned in five areas of the city. They went to houses, businesses and recreational areas sharing the gospel.

They also gave personal hygiene kits and clothing to families in need of the poorest areas of the city. The event closed with a celebration in a park near the pier of the city.

The participants worshiped together and shared the gospel with the people there through banners, messages of hope and prayer. 

“See Our Cities As God Sees Them”
“In my 16 years of missionary service, this event was one of the most exciting events I’ve ever participated in”, Armstrong said.

“The impact on the city was tangible, but the transformation in many of our participants was even more profound. I believe that the urban invasion has begun to help our churches to see our cities as God sees them, and that is something we must celebrate”, the missionary concluded.

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Date published: 10/06/2019
Written by: Evangelical Focus
Article source: