We are so excited to introduce Immuno Armour to you. Over the past few years we have been looking for a special product that can help South Africans to strengthen their immunity. Daily life with stress, poor diets, and even allergies, sports, and antibiotics all play a role in weakening our immune systems.

Auto-immune disorders
Most people think that the right thing to do is boost their immune system, but this is not right, because doing this continually over time may cause the immune system to become overactive and start to mistake healthy cells for bugs that make us sick. Then there are those who struggle with allergies, for example, who use medications to suppress the immune system, which over time may also make the immune system underactive and increase the body’s susceptibility to infections and disease.

Strengthen your immune system
This is where Immuno Armour is so unique – it does not boost or suppress the immune system, but helps to strengthen the immune system so that it responds correctly – which is to switch on, tackle the issue, and switch off. Immuno Armour contains a patented ingredient from America called Epicor. This special ingredient has over 7 clinical studies that show that the product strengthens the immune system. The clinical studies also showed that the product works within two hours. You can find out more about this on our website, www.immunoarmour.co.za.

Epicor – the special ingredient
Epicor was discovered when C.W. Bloomhall, a young farmer, noticed that animals that were fed table scraps with sour milk seemed to be healthier than animals fed simple grain alone. After retirement from the milling industry in 1943, Bloomhall decided to put his theory to the test – that fermented foods provide unique health benefits. He founded a company to develop a specialised fermentation process to create a yeast culture as an immune modulator. A few years later they discovered that everyone who was working in the factory and was exposed to the yeast culture did not taking much sick leave, so they decided to start running some tests on the staff and noticed that their immune systems were very strong. This then led the company to start testing and making the special ingredient that we now have in Immuno Armour, called Epicor.

Remember your armour every day!
Immuno Armour is now available in Dischem, Clicks, and all pharmacies nationally. The product range includes Immuno Armour capsules for adults and Immuno Armour chews for children. We are also bringing Immuno Armour syrup to the market for younger children.

Strengthening our immune systems is not just about colds and flu, it is about making sure that we stay healthy every day. The key message is “to remember your armour every day!

For more information, visit our website at www.immunoarmour.co.za or call our customer care line on 0860 103 359.

Sleep, The Immune System, and The Common Cold
When you have a bad night’s rest, you can definitely feel it the next day – you wake up feeling heavy, slow, and irritable. If you experience this three or four times a week, it can start to affect your immune system and your susceptibility to colds and flu.

Do you suffer from disturbed sleep?
A significant portion of the population suffers from inadequate or disturbed sleep. Shift-workers, parents of young children, menopausal women, and the elderly often experience poor sleep or have less sleep than needed to function at their best. It should not be surprising that poor sleep can affect our ability to stay healthy, as many illnesses increase our need for sleep. In spite of these ‘known’ interactions between sleep and immune function, it is only in recent years that scientific evidence has emerged to support these notions.

You need to rest when reading the Word
Now, many studies from around the world show the effect of acute and chronic lack of sleep on the immune system in animals and humans. A new product on the South African market called Immuno Armour, containing Epicor, has been clinically proven to strengthen the immune system and to reduce the incidence of colds and flu. Avoiding computer and TV screens, as well as large meals before bed time can also help to make it easier to fall asleep. A dark and quite room also helps to support deep and restful sleep. Bed time is the perfect time to read God’s Word and to prepare for tomorrow, and then rest in the Lord.

A wonderful solution!
If you find yourself struggling to get a good night’s sleep, you may want to consider strengthening your immune system so that you can reduce your chances of catching a cold or getting flu. Immuno Armour will help you do that.

Ana Agrela (BSc. NS) is the marketing manager for Kenza Health SA. For more information and references, please visit www.immunoarmour.co.za.

Written by: Ana Agrela
Article source: JOY! Magazine