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It is more than persecution for Pro-life doctor Jacques De Vos as his hearing remains uncertain. Jacques de Vos allegedly told a patient that “a foetus is a human” and claimed that abortion kills a human. After De Vos stated these scientific facts, his employment was terminated and he was prohibited from practicing medicine.

De Vos is now facing four charges of unprofessional conduct from the Health Professions Council of South Africa and supposed to  appear before a six-member disciplinary inquiry which was supposed to commence in August 2019. The hearing has since been postponed to first week of October.

So far over 17,810 people have signed a petition asking the Health Professionals Council ofSouth Africa to stop this uncalled for persecution for this doctor and re-instate his medical licence. 

SIGN the petition here:- Stop persecuting Dr. Jacques de Vos for his pro-life beliefs

Scientifically , it is a fact that life begins at conception but pro-abortion proponents have since tried to dent this truth while forcing everyone to kill pre-born babies to benefit their abortion industry.

It takes a lot of courage to do the right thing and to stand especially for the defenseless pre-born babies,  you and I need to stand with the herioc Dr. Jacques De Vos especially due to this emerging of trend of persecution of pro-life people. 

We need as many signatures as possible to stop the uncalled for inquiry by HPCSA who are clearly misusing their mandate to persecute a doctor who chose to stand with the unborn.

If you have already signed this petition, help us get 20,000 signatures by sharing on whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and also to your email contacts this petition.

Stop persecuting Dr. Jacques de Vos for his pro-life beliefs

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Date published: 13/09/2019
Feature image: Former military hospital doctor Jacques de Vos is facing a disciplinary inquiry for advising that abortion is the killing of a human being. Picture: Phando Jikelo/African News Agency (ANA)

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  1. so because he spoke THE TRUTH professionally?… regardless of his beliefs he was doing his job…obviously the the patient expected this…whats he supposed to say ..”ok ..no probs im just inject u…suck ur “BABY” out and off u go…keep well”…how Inhumane is this government becoming”…you go Doc…Gods got this…Bless you

  2. I absolutely agree with Leigh Foxcroft! This doctor does NOT want to do this horrible thing! *******RESPECT THAT*********!!!
    Find someone else who will have no problem BUTCHERING YOUR BABIES! Personally, the people who think this is ok and those that brought the charges against this fine man….ARE THE ONES WHO SHOULD HAVE BEEN ABORTED IN THE FIRST PLACE!! But then again, it was probably some ‘GOOD’ doctor like this man (de Vos) who refused to do it ……


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