Written by: Errol Naidoo
Article source: familypolicyinstitute.com

The Health Professionals Council of South Africa (HPCSA) appears to have adopted the ideology of the radical global abortion movement and prohibited a medical practitioner from furthering his career based solely on his Biblical beliefs that life begins at conception.

The HPCSA charged Dr. Jacques De Vos with unprofessional conduct for allegedly telling a patient more than two years ago that a foetus was a human being. He allegedly likened abortion to killing an unborn human while working for the gynaecology division at 2 Military Hospital in Cape Town during his intern year.

Dr. De Vos hearing which was initially scheduled for 27/28 August was postponed to  3/4th October at the Newlands Southern Sun Hotel to give the HPCSA more time to clarify its vague charges against the young doctor. The hearing (and justice) was further delayed and subsequently postponed to 28-30 October 2019.

What the HPCSA is doing is blatantly abusing its authority to persecute a doctor for his pro-life beliefs. The HPCSA cannot disprove Dr De Vos claims that life begins at conception. Instead, they are scrambling to substantiate their unjust suspension of a qualified medical practitioner for his Biblical beliefs and convictions on abortion.

Please read Dr. Chris Warton’s expert testimony to the HPCSA here.

CitizenGo launched a Petition in support of Dr De Vos and collected over 20,000 signatures from across Africa. As partner members of the “International Organisation for the Family” (IOF), CitizenGo asked Family Policy Institute to deliver the signatures to the HPCSA – demanding they stop persecuting Dr. De Vos for his pro-life beliefs. I will do this on 28 October.

I am saddened that only 20,000 citizens took the time to sign this critical Petition. I notice the massive response from sexual rights activists when their manufactured “rights” are perceived to be threatened. Tragically, the genuine rights and freedoms of Biblical Christians are regularly attacked by sexual rights radicals, often eliciting a tepid response from the Church that lacks conviction.

In Matthew 5:13-16, Jesus declares His disciples are “Salt and Light” to the world. The Lord’s express command to believers is, “Shine your light before men and do not hide it under a basket.” Speaking up for life, marriage, family and Biblical sexuality is a powerful demonstration of shining your light before men. 

Global sexual rights radicals have set their sights on South Africa’s school children. Thankfully, parents in certain parts of the US are fighting back against the diabolical agenda of “Comprehensive Sexuality Education” (CSE) in their children’s schools.

The “Child Protection League” says, “CSE grooms children for early sexual activity, making them vulnerable targets for sexual abuse, experimentation and trafficking.” “According to the FBI, sexual predators ‘groom’ children with pornographic images and explicit sexual instruction to remove natural defences. We call that criminal. Planned Parenthood calls it ‘education’ and says it’s perfectly normal.”

Family Policy Institute and its IOF partners, “Family Watch International” and the “UN Family Rights Caucus” formed the “Protect Children South Africa Coalition” to oppose the CSE agenda in SA. We drafted an “Online Letter” to the Minister of Basic Education outlining seven critical reasons why CSE must not be implemented in South African schools.

Tragically again, the response from parents and the Christian Church has been lukewarm, despite parental authority being deliberately bypassed and vulnerable children indoctrinated with high-risk sexual rights ideology and gender theory. 

I will personally deliver the Online Letter with the undersigned signatures to the Department of Basic Education at the end of November 2019. Whether the Letter contains 200, 20 000, 200 000 or 2 million signatures depends on the “Salt & Light” convictions of Christian citizens in South Africa.

Please sign the Online Letter today and forward to family, friends, and colleagues to sign. Also add your name as an individual or organisation as a member of the PCSA Coalition. The health and innocence of South Africa’s vulnerable school children depend on you boldly shining your light today.

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Date published: 08/10/2019
Feature image: Errol Naidoo

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