A device that shatters kidney stones with shock waves. A completely paperless record system for hospitals. A wound dressing infused with copper ions to speed up recovery. These are just some of the marvels that the Israeli medical industry has to offer the world, and they may soon be available to us in South Africa.

Sixteen med-tech companies from Israel were in South Africa to showcase their innovation at the Africa Health Exhibition hosted in Johannesburg this week. They were introduced at an exclusive pre-exhibition cocktail evening in Sandton on Monday evening, hosted by the Israel Trade Office to South Africa.

“We want to create increased collaboration between Israeli and South African companies,” said Israeli ambassador to South Africa, Lior Keinan. “We would love to see more Israeli innovation come to South Africa, and reach the rest of the continent.” 

One of the companies in South Africa is Haifa-based Oneg HaKarmel, which has invented a sleeve which drains the blood from any limb and shifts it through the body. Known as the HermaShock, the sleeve is able to transfuse a patient’s own blood from an arm or leg and redirect it elsewhere in cases of shock.

Another Israeli medical marvel on show is the VIVI CAP1, a reusable replacement cap for an insulin pen that can maintain the necessary temperature in any climate. The cap doesn’t need to be charged nor refrigerated but simply slipped onto the pen. 

The BreathID breath test can determine a bacterial infection in the stomach by breathing into a mouthpiece. The device detects H. pylori bacteria, a germ that can infect your digestive tract and cause ulcers. Blood tests and biopsies are typically used to diagnose the infection, but the BreathID automates the detection process, allows for ten samples to be tested at once, and records results automatically.

Keinan spoke of other exciting technology Israel has to share, all of which can benefit people at all levels of society. 

“Countries sometimes lack the necessary infrastructure,” he said, “With the necessary technology and Israeli innovation, we can improve life for everyone.”

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Date published: 11/06/2019
Written by: Jordan Moshe
Article source: www.sajr.co.za