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Twitter blocked Spanish MP Francisco Contreras for 12 hours for saying that men cannot get pregnant. Contreras’ tweet came in response to a news article that reported on the case of a “pregnant man” giving birth to “his” child.

The offending tweet read simply, “That’s a lie. A man cannot get pregnant. A man has neither uterus nor ovaries.” During his suspension, Mario Noya, a Spanish journalist and author of book called ‘Why I stopped being on the left,’ tweeted his disdain for the sudden censorship of Contreras, who belongs to Vox, Spain’s conservative party.

“For this they have suspended the account of representative @fjconpe @Twitter STINKS.”

Noya’s screenshot displayed a vague explanation from Twitter to Contreras, citing broken rules such as inciting “hate, threats, harassment, and/or fomenting violence against people” based on “race, origin, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religion, age, disability, or illness.” Twitter’s communication to Contreras also threatened permanent suspension for “repeated breaches.”

Contreras told LifeSiteNews he is not the first conservative Spanish politician to be banned. In fact, other Vox party members have also been suspended by Twitter.

Spanish publication Counting Stars reported that not only has Twitter ignored overt threats against Vox party members on its platform, but the entire Vox account was censored during an election season for merely posting high crime rates among illegal immigrant minors from the Muslim Maghreb region in Northwest Africa. The statistics were taken from public police sources.

“Last February, at the gates of regional elections in Catalonia, Twitter censored the Vox account in a new interference by the American company in an electoral process in another country. Twitter’s excuse in that case was that citing statistics showing the high percentage of criminal complaints against Maghreb was also ‘incitement to hatred.’”

Nonetheless, Contreras has received a lot of support on Twitter from people who find the suspension outrageous. According to the parliamentarian, supporters have created the hashtag #AManCannotBePregnant.

“We will not yield to Twitter imposing a twisted (and anthropologically wrong) worldview,” Contreras told LifeSite. “We will continue to speak the truth about human nature. Biological truth should not be regarded as ‘hate speech’. It’s biology, not bigotry.”

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Date published: 30/05/2021
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