The 6th Democratic Elections has come and gone but voting patterns appear to remain relatively constant. Apparently, the majority of voters chose traditional allegiances over radical change.

The ANC won 57% support – shedding over 1,4 million votes compared to 2014.

The DA also lost ground winning just over 20% of the poll but losing about 450 thousand votes in the process.

The EFF support increased significantly – up by more than 700 thousand votes. The red beret’s increase from 25 to 44 seats in the National Assembly does not bode well for the ruling party or the decorum of Parliament. 

Of the smaller parties in Parliament, the FF+ tripled their support from 0.90% in 2014 to 2.38% in 2019 an increase of 249,129 votes. The ACDP, who won just 0.57% (104,039 votes) in 2014 struggled to crack 1% at the poll – managing a nominal increase of 42,031 votes or 0.84 percent in 2019.

Newly established parties standing on Biblical values like ACO, ECOFORUM and the Christian Political Movement did not perform well. Clearly, the vast majority of voters did not vote according to Biblical convictions. 

Voters gave President Cyril Ramaphosa a mandate to fulfill his promises to South Africa. During campaigning, he repeatedly said, “The time for impunity is over, the time for accountability is now. Those guilty of corruption will be held accountable.”

Christian citizens must pray that God will guide President Ramaphosa with wisdom, strength and courage to govern the nation competently and with integrity – in the best interest of the people.

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Date published: 17/05/2019
Written by: Errol Naidoo
Article source: Family Policy Institute