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Piérre Maré, one of the volunteer organisers of the Mighty Men Conference Jeffreys Bay 2022 provides an insider’s perspective on the life-changing event

All Glory goes to God for the successful execution of the recent Mighty Men Conference Jeffreys Bay 2022 which was hosted on the farm Mooi Uitsig from March 18 to 20 after a two-year break due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

As we approach the Easter weekend, the organising committee wrap up this year’s conference with a feeling of absolute gratitude. Despite being severely limited in terms of the numbers of people allowed to gather, combined with constrained financial resources, our Lord God really stepped up to show us, once again, that this is His conference.

Every year we pray for finances to be available and every year He delivers, often in jaw-dropping ways. Sometimes it felt like we were taken right to the edge of the proverbial Red Sea, before it was parted at the last minute, just so that would know it is Him.

Many people do not realise the magnitude of funding needed in order to pay for the required security guards, permits, agricultural equipment for prepping the grounds, repairs to water pipes, fencing, public ablutions, signage, stage and lighting, sound systems, media teams and more. Our Father ensured that every cent required was made available through the many volunteers who gave their time, and resources, in order to aid the conference. The organising committee would like to thank everyone from the ground staff, guest houses, municipalities and local businesses who contributed time and their resources.

You need only witness the number of men moving forward after each session’s altar call. We saw guys finding Jesus, relationships between fathers and sons renewed. A man who uses a wheelchair stood up and walked a few paces. We even witnessed rival gang members attending and giving their hearts to the Lord! Oh yes indeed, 2022 Mighty Men Jeffreys Bay will be remembered for a long time.

The guest speakers Eugene Genis, Martin Douglas, Zane Meas, Neil Armstrong and Johnny Louw had the crowds hanging onto their lips as they delivered testimonies and inspiring words to the crowds. The King’s mounted horsemen were in attendance, as well as the teams of “cross walkers” from East London and Uitenhage (Kariega).

As we look forward to planning next year’s conference, we are very pleased to announce that our Border team from East London will be hosting another Mighty Men Conference at the Cove in East London this year. Save the date for September 23 to 25. Keep following the Mighty Men Eastern Cape web page for more information and the latest news surrounding this conference and we hope to see you there!

If you missed the Jeffreys Bay Conference and want to view the guest speaker sessions, visit their Facebook page All of the live stream links from the weekend are available towards the top of the Mighty Men Eastern Cape Facebook page.

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Date published: 18/04/2022

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