Written by: J.John.
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J.JOHN is an evangelist with 4 decades’ experience explaining the message of Christianity in churches, arenas and stadiums around the world.

Recognising the need for a book which clearly explained who Jesus is, he and Dr Chris Walley penned Jesus Christ – The Truth to help Christians better understand their beliefs, and to encourage those of other faiths or no faith to seriously consider the claims of Jesus.

Even in recent years the world has changed and global events have caused many people to consider some of life’s big questions. There is a perceived openness to the message of Jesus Christ amongst those who were previously seemingly closed to Christianity and all that it offers.

Taking this into account and with thanks to generous donors Jesus Christ – The Truth paperback edition has been released to resource people and churches with a book that can be, affordably, given away to those who want to know who Jesus is.

With copies available for as little as £2.50*, J.John’s challenge to Christians is simple ‘Pass it on’.

Speaking about the release, J.John said:
When I was a student in London, I was an agnostic. I didn’t really know what I believed. A friend told me about Jesus and by doing that, he built a bridge from him to me and Jesus Christ walked over. I want to challenge people today to buy copies, give them away to others, and then take them out for a coffee to chat about the book. You and I can make all the difference in someone’s journey of faith and my prayer is that this book will be a ‘link in the chain’ to many coming to know Christ. Buy copies and pass them on.

Copies of Jesus Christ – The Truth are available from www.canonjjohn.com or local bookshops. Church packs of 50 copies are exclusive to www.canonjjohn.com.

*£2.50 per copy when buying 50 copies otherwise £6 per copy.

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Date published: 23/06/2022
Feature image: canonjjohn.com

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