A Johannesburg man was recently applauded by Mzansi after he saved a child from drowning

The child was stuck on a metal pipe above the Jukskei River, near Alexandra

The heroic local man managed to piggyback the child to safety across the river, which had been recently hit by flash floods

A man from Johannesburg has made Mzansi proud after he recently risked his own safety in order to save a local child from drowning in a flash flood. 

The child was on a pipe above the Jukskei River in Alexandra when the flash flood hit, trapping the boy in the centre of the structure above the rushing water.

The local hero didn’t think twice and quickly shimmied across the pipe towards the child, Briefly.co.za saw in the clip.

Hoisting the small boy onto his back, the man then carefully moved across the pipe to safety.

Many have compared the Johannesburg resident to the ‘French spiderman’ who went viral after saving a toddler from falling from a tall building in France last year.

Date published: 14/03/2019
Written by: Maya-Rose Torrao 
Feature image: MEC for Community Safety, Sizakele Nkosi-Malobane meets Vincent Khosa. Vision Tactical, Twitter
Article source: briefly.co.za