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JOY! Magazine seeks to glorify God by educating and informing Christians of a Biblical Worldview and application of the Lordship of Jesus Christ in all areas of life. As a beacon of faith and inspiration, JOY! Magazine has woven itself into the fabric of our nation, touching countless lives with its uplifting messages and insightful articles.

Join us as we delve into the fascinating realm of our ministry, unveiling intriguing statistics and revealing glimpses into the profound impact we’ve had on communities across the country. JOY! Magazine has boldly published the Word of God for more than 19 years in South Africa.

JOY! Magazine's first cover

JOY!’s first issue: March 2006

Founder, editor, and publisher: Erin Georgiou

Readership & reach
Each month, between our print and digital platforms, JOY! reaches over 550 000+ Christian homes in South Africa and our neighbouring countries with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

JOY! News is South Africa’s most popular Christian news website. Each day we post news articles from a Christian perspective. Visit

JOY! has a large print and digital subscriber base. Each month, we hand courier thousands of magazines to homes and churches around South Africa.

JOY! Magazine is sold and distributed nationwide. Our magazine is listed in 2600 stores across South Africa and neighbouring nations.

Since our first issue in 2006, JOY! has printed our magazines each month with CTP. To date, we have printed over 4 million copies!

QR codes
Over the last few years, JOY! has used QR codes in the magazine to connect our readers with our digital content. Our QR codes have been scanned over 17 000 times!

JUIG! Tydskrif

JUIG! Tydskrif
16 years
May 2009 – June 2024

In 2009, JUIG! Tydskrif was established – quickly taking over the Afrikaans Christian market in South Africa. JUIG! is NOT a translation of JOY!, and has its own unique readership and market.

Social media
Through our Facebook and Instagram platforms, JOY! has over 99 000 followers. Follow us for inspired daily content!

  @joymagsa   @joymagsa

Each month, JOY! sends up to 100 000 digital newsletters to our community! Email to sign up!

JOY! Magazine refresh

In January 2022, JOY! Magazine went through a significant refresh and redesign.

JOY! Travel
In 2007, JOY! started leading Christian holidays and pilgrimage tours. We have led over 125 biblical tours (and over 4589 travellers) to nations including Israel, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, and more!

Turkey tour

Each month, JOY! donates thousands of magazines to old age homes, hospitals, events, golf days, prisons, conferences, and more!

JOY! Gifts
In 2023, we started our online store – JOY! Gifts. This beautiful site offers Christian books, art, jewelry, and more! It is updated regularly with new items. Visit

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Date published: 20/05/2024

JOY! News is a Christian news portal that shares pre-published articles by writers around the world. Each article is sourced and linked to the origin, and each article is credited with the author’s name. Although we do publish many articles that have been written in-house by JOY! journalists, we do not exclusively create our own content. Any views or opinions presented on this website are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the company.


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