Written by: Siphelele Sebastián Maphumulo
Article source: JOY! Magazine

Since I became born again, I wanted to preach the Gospel and/or witness about Jesus and what He has done for me. I felt called to influence my environment, but I had no courage to do so. The only platform I had, or so I thought, was a daily prayer meeting at work each morning. However, I only prayed with born-again Christians. There wouldn’t be any soul winning in that situation. As a result, I was not happy with myself.

A life-changing prayer meeting
Three years later, I was privileged to attend a seven-day prayer meeting from December 24th-30th 2011. It was a time of prayer and fasting. On one of the days there was an altar call to pray for (or with) those who felt called to preach to their neighbours and influence their environment. I ran to the front as soon as I heard that call. After the prayer, I felt deeply encouraged to influence my environment, but I still had no idea how to do this. I prayed for a strategy to implement my burning desire to preach the Gospel. I received grace freely, and freely I needed to share this with others (Matt 10:8).

Opportunities arising
At the beginning of 2012, our local church in Sweetwaters (Pietermaritzburg) started home cell groups. We had many opportunities to preach to our neighbours. Meanwhile at work, a young man had just been employed, and he happened to be a born-again evangelist. On his first day, he went to the canteen during lunch and asked the staff if he could pray with them. Before praying, he read the Bible to them and preached. I was so encouraged.

Training others
Thereafter, I joined him and we took turns preaching. Just a few months later, he left the job. That left me with opportunities to preach the Gospel daily – at work in the days and some nights at home cell. I then trained other team members to help me preach the Word of God to our colleagues and neighbours. I did this for 11 years without ceasing, using every platform I could to share the Word.

For His glory
I fully understand and realise that God’s hand was behind all of this. I prayed for opportunities to share His Word and He answered. All I needed to do was make myself available. I feel satisfied that I responded to the call of the Lord to fulfil the Great Commission. Everything that I do in my life is for His glory.

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Date published: 31/05/2024
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