Written by: Tambu Ndlovu 
Article source: JOY! Magazine 

Meet Sacha van der Merwe – a wife and mother. Nothing of her present day posture speaks to the challenges she has had to overcome. Her story is one where God’s grace touches a woman’s strength and resilience. Sacha was born a Jew. She grew up exploring various forms of spirituality, from esoteric mediums to Buddhism, as well as seeking answers to life’s toughest questions in many self-help courses. Her search for truth only left her deeply unfulfilled. She married early but was divorced by 22. It was only after being invited to her second Alpha course that she had a radical encounter with God that opened her eyes and found her surrendering her life to Jesus. “I grew up in a dysfunctional family and needed to let go of old hurts, resentment, and anger I had built up around my parents and ex-husband. It was only when I met Jesus that my journey of healing and restoration truly began,” Sacha attested.

A story with a sweet twist
The Christian life is one with ebb and flow and is far from easy. Early on in her walk with the Lord, Sacha had a harrowing experience when her mother suffered a stroke. With no medical aid and being an only child, overnight she was faced with a mountain of medical bills and very hard decisions to make. Despite their dwindling finances, every month, through different gifts, the family made it through. It was purely God’s provision. Sacha’s story has a sweet twist – during that challenging time, God brought a special, gentle, and godly man into her life. Despite her broken past she found love. The couple got engaged after 5 months and married within the year. They celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary last year.

Fuelling their dreams to travel
It has been an unprecedented time in the history of South Africa as the last few months the world at large has grappled with a disruption to all our lives. Amidst all the crazy, Sacha and her husband chose to expand their trust in God to fuel their dreams to relocate to America. “It really felt like God deposited that desire in our hearts at the same time in 2018. Doors that were previously shut opened,” Sacha recalls. Neither of the two had degrees, and didn’t qualify for a US investment visa. They realised they could not control exactly how they would get to America, but when they saw Induku Group’s “Live the Dream” Programme, they grabbed it with both hands. It was a risk they were willing to take financially to give their family a new adventure. Sacha and her husband Luke have since had their application approved by the US Department of Labor and have completed the first stage of the immigration process.

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Date published: 14/06/2020

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