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Redefining Leadership Excellence with Godly Servant Leadership

An impressive feat “Lead With Intent,” authored by South African organisational behavior consultant, pastor, and lecturer, Hermann du Plessis, has achieved bestseller status. Rooted in Godly Servant Leadership, with Jesus as its ultimate example, the book has spurred new conversations and training initiatives in Churches and Corporations.

Drawing upon his extensive background in both of these contexts, du Plessis integrates his practical experience with a profound grasp of leadership literature and biblical wisdom to provide accessible user-friendly applications of these nine core leadership principles.

Informed by comprehensive research spanning 18 African countries, the success of “Lead With Intent” represents a significant advancement in leadership. It provides profound insights and actionable advice that resonates with leaders from various backgrounds and industries, as well as benefiting their stakeholders and employees. This transformative approach fosters an inclusive culture where individuals find deep value and purpose.

In the foreword, Brand Pretorius, the former Chief Executive of McCarthy Limited, a prominent motor retail group in South Africa, offers his endorsement of du Plessis’ book, stating, “Adopting and implementing the leadership practices outlined in this book will deliver the most potent competitive advantage you could wish for – inspired, fully engaged and motivated people. This is the best way to futureproof your leadership”. ”

“Lead With Intent” continues to make a profound impact beyond book sales, it has been recognised for its transformative content and become an integral part of some of the nation’s most esteemed MBA programs and serves as an indispensable training manual for management teams in leading financial institutions.

Additionally, the book’s influence extends globally through the YouVersion Bible App, where its accompanying Bible reading plans, inspired by its teachings, have garnered an impressive 6,000 completions. This widespread engagement highlights the enduring relevance and applicability of the book, appealing to diverse audiences committed to leadership guided by godly principles and a clear sense of purpose.

“Lead With Intent” stands as essential reading for anyone committed to becoming a more authentic and effective leader, regardless of their life stageDu Plessis notes, “This transcendent approach reflects a deep acknowledgment of the responsibility entrusted by God, emphasising love for all people and a keen awareness of the privilege of leading in His name.”

“I am so grateful that the book is received so well. It just proves to me that people are seeking for a better way to lead, a more human way, a more sustainable way, and ironically, a more profitable way to lead. You don’t have to sell your soul at the shrine of the shareholders. There is a better way! Lead for engagement, and profits will follow,” says du Plessis.

According to Sizwe Kuzwayo, a strategy and business consultant at TTLI, who has successfully applied these principles in various corporations following the book’s release in 2022. “The African Context is unique, because the economies of African countries are emerging and it needs a leadership that develops the continent and its future.  It makes the leadership more entrepreneurial, more courageous and more focused on serving the wider community.”

Exclusive books – Lead With Intent Panel Discussion:
Join Hermann du Plessis for an insightful and complimentary panel discussion on “Lead With Intent.”
Join Hermann du Plessis for an insightful and complimentary panel discussion on “Lead With Intent.” This event will feature esteemed speakers from diverse backgrounds, including Brand Pretorius, Andre Myburgh (MD of TWK AGRI), Rynier Van Der Watt (MD of Hensoldt), Mosala Phillips (CMO of Old Mutual), and Etienne Kriel (Standard Bank’s Executive Group Head of Physical Security). Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with these accomplished leaders.

Date: Wednesday, 15 November 2023.
Time: 18h00
Venue: Exclusive Books Melrose Arch
Entrance: Free

With two decades of experience in leadership, Hermann du Plessis is a seasoned practitioner who has coached, mentored, trained, and consulted in various facets of leadership development. Notably, he has recently achieved the status of a best-selling author with his book “Lead With Intent.” He has devoted more than 15,000 hours to coaching senior and executive managers in major corporations, fostering a diverse group of transformational leaders. Additionally, he shares his insights as a lecturer in leadership at tertiary institutions.

Hermann’s academic credentials include degrees in Commerce, Education, and Theology, as well as a Master’s degree in Adult Education. He also holds an international certification in Leadership and Management Coaching.

Hermann du Plessis is also the founder of the Themba Thandeka Leadership Institute (TTLI), a company with a global footprint, having served over 90 organisations in 19 countries. TTLI’s mission is to elevate employee engagement, benefiting all stakeholders, and it is widely recognised as a catalyst for significantly increasing both engagement and profitability.

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Date published: 26/10/2023

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