One of JOY Magazine’s contributors, dr. Arno van Niekerk, an author, founder of The Stand SA and involved in Christian Consensus and Kingdom Nation, sent a letter to the Dutch Reformed Church this week.

According to Dr. Van Niekerk he trusts that the letter “will bring a deep introspection to the DRC and the broader Body of Christ – not only regarding the gay issue, but also with regard to how we view the Bible under the current secular pressure.” Now is the time for the Church to stand firm on the foundation of God’s Word.

“I also trust that the letter will support and encourage DRC members to stand up for the truth of God’s Word in love, without compromise, so that change can happen,” he said.

He added that the liberal agenda seeks to sow division in the Body of Christ and weaken the Church. 

In the letter on behalf of the Christian Consensus (which includes DRC members, ex-gays and others), he said, among other things:

The challenge for the Church lies with the fact that we can’t allow that a subjective (and changeable) interpretation of the Constitution become a higher moral authority to us than the objective (and historically tested) Word of God. Hermeneutics and interpretation of the Bible is important, but that which “is written” there (as Jesus so often said in Matthew 4) carries the real weight in the end. Even when Scripture is read in proper context, there is no evidence that it supports homosexuality. In light of this, the Church – especially the DRC – is stepping on thin ice if we support alternative lifestyles, legitimise them, and let them serve as examples (in leadership) when we are not sure that it is the Will of God. With the pressure of the current milieu we give into the “patterns of this world” if we approve it, and so we become divided and weakened. Honest introspection about this must lead one to move towards a firmer foundation so that unity in truth can be established within the Church. 

The Church, however, has a higher calling and responsibility which determines that we don’t bow to political correctness and “conform to the patterns of this world…” (Rom 12:2)

… The Church does not discriminate unfairly when her convictions appear to be different than that of the Constitution; that is why provision is made for freedom of religion (including the Church’s autonomy to determine her own doctrine). If the (secular) Constitution prescribe (or force) onto the Church her convictions, freedom of religion counts for nothing. It is not happening, so let’s not invite it in.

… With absolute respect and love … we call on the Dutch Reformed Church to, in a correct procedural manner, do away with approving a gay lifestyle. It is NOT a rejection of gay persons for the Church’s doors must always be open with love to gay people, as for anyone else. 

Dr. Gustav Claassen (secretary) acknowledged receipt or the letter and Rev. Dirkie van der Spuy and Dr. Chris van Wyk responded very positively to the letter.

The full letter can be obtained by requesting it from Dr. Van Niekerk by emailing him at

Dr. Van Niekerk also said that the change that Christians are praying for in South Africa begins with the House of God. “Now it is time to cleanse the Body of Christ as we cleanse our own hearts and actions. Unite in Truth!”

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Date published: 11/08/2019
Written by: Dr. Arno van Niekerk
Feature image: Dr. Arno van Niekerk
Article source: Supplied



  1. If i can ask one or two questions.
    Are the laws in the world busy to contradict itself?
    Freedom of speech? Yes and no.
    Freedom of Faith? Yes but no.
    Human rights – Never

  2. Praise the Lord for every member of the Body of Christ, who stands steadfastly on the truth of the Word of God.

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