Evangelicals in the Methodist church are calling for prayer to prevent the definition of marriage changing in the denomination.

The Methodist Church in Britain is at a crossroads as it debates its understanding of marriage after, two weeks ago, it was announced there will be a report presented to the annual Methodist Conference in June that will support same sex marriage within the Methodist church.

If the 67-page report is passed at the conference in Birmingham, the wider Church will consider it with a final decision made at the 2020 conference.

A clause has been included that states no-one would be forced to officiate at a same-sex wedding if they felt prevented by “their personal beliefs and integrity”. 

Methodist Evangelicals Together, a group who aim to uphold the authority of scripture within the denomination, has called Christians around the world to engage in prayer and fasting for the British Methodist Church on Friday 21st June 2019, before the conference starts the following Thursday.

They have called on the global church to join them ‘in prayer that our church would remain faithful to the Bible’s teaching’.

In response to the recent report from the Methodist Marriage and Relationships Task Group, Methodist Evangelicals Together said: “Methodist Evangelicals Together continues to be committed to the Wesleyan convictions that the gospel is for all, that the Bible is our supreme rule of faith and practice, and that all Christians are called to holiness. 

“We therefore uphold the biblical understanding of marriage as the life-long union of one man and one woman, and call upon the Church to do the same. We are carefully studying the report, noting that it is intended as a discussion starter rather than reaching definitive conclusions.”

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Date published: 06/06/2019
Written by: Cara Bentley
Article source: www.premier.org.uk