Written by: Errol Naidoo
Article source: familypolicyinstitute.com

Family Policy Institute and its allies are currently engaged in a titanic battle of truth vs deception with the Department of Basic Education (DBE).  In response to the countrywide uproar over its stealth CSE campaign, the DBE chose to ramp up its lies and deception rather than take the nation into its confidence.

The DBE recently stated, “CSE was part of the Life Orientation curriculum since 2000 and nothing new was added.” This blatant lie was exposed by this document by “Family Watch International” who acts as a “watchdog” at the UN to expose and combat attacks against the family.

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The SA government only signed onto CSE in 2013 at a conference organised by UN agencies and sponsored by liberal Western governments that fund the abortion and LGBTI agenda in Africa. Shockingly, no South African educators, parent or teachers groups were involved.

The FF Plus statement in Politico questions Motshekga’s vague answers in Parliament and her deliberate deception regarding CSE.

The DBE also cannot explain “Why, if CSE was part of the LO curriculum since 2000, has UNESCO recently been travelling to South Africa to oversee the implementation of this controversial program in South Africa’s public schools?”

A statement on the DBE’s website erroneously claims, “The DBE has worked hard to develop a comprehensive curriculum that seeks to address real world challenges and issues faced by learners in their day to day lives.” LIE two exposed! The DBE did not develop CSE, it was developed by global abortion and sexual rights groups at the UN and imposed on SA’s children. If the DBE developed CSE locally why do they need UNESCO’s guidance to implement it?”

Family Policy Institute

Just like the ANC ruled government sold out (and crippled) our economy to a foreign family called the Guptas, it is now selling out the nation’s children to pro-abortion and pro-LGBTI UN agencies. The question is; “What are the ‘real world’ consequences for children isolated from their parents and sexually indoctrinated by global abortion and sexual rights radicals?”

The DBE insisted that so-called “sex expert,” Dr Eve was not involved in the scripted lesson plans for CSE. However, a TimesLive article confirms she was and focused on “sexual pleasure for kids.”

DBE Minister, Angie Motshekga’s lies about CSE were exposed in Parliament during questions on the subject. She claimed in response to questions from opposition MP’s including the ACDP’s Rev Kenneth Meshoe, “The DBE consulted widely with many groups on CSE.” When pressed about which groups were consulted specifically, Motshekga was unable to answer.

Motshekga also mockingly told Rev Meshoe, “She would be happy to meet with religious groups” (who, apparently do not want to talk about sex). Another lie exposed! The Minister received several letters from various Christian groups over the past year including the Letter I wrote (and sent several times) co-signed by seven major Christian denominations requesting a meeting with the DBE to discuss CSE. All requests were ignored!


I am currently working with educators that have developed a value-based alternative to CSE and that specifically addresses the unique challenges facing South African children. A summary will be delivered to the DBE on 30 Nov 2019.

If the DBE has nothing to hide it would have met with the many groups mentioned above. But it steadfastly ignored them and then lied about its non-existent public participation process in Parliament. Please see 4 minute video of question time in Parliament.

CSE is a blatant attack on the family. That’s why we organized the “March For Family” on Saturday 30 Nov 2019 in Cape Town. Please make a special effort to sign the Petition against CSE and join us if you are in CT. The Church must take a bold stand and declare its support for Biblical values and the Family in SA!

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Help FPI remain on the frontlines of the battle for faith, family and freedom. I need your prayers and financial support to defend your values where it matters most!

FPI cannot afford to lower its guard especially at this critical time. Attacks on faith, family and religious freedoms are escalating in SA. Please make a prayerful decision to partner with FPI. Please make a generous once-off donation to FPI today to help keep us in the fight! Your partnership in this vital ministry is essential for our success to effectively defend the family and advance Biblical values in Parliament, the media and general society.

Please pray for the “March For Family” and for FPI’s work in South Africa. May God bless you and your precious family as you sow into this kingdom building work.

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Date published: 29/11/2019
Feature image: South African Minister of Basic Education Angie Motshekga

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  1. It is time that Angie Motshekga is axed from her position. She has proven to be incapable and we do not have to search for the evidence. She has blatantly lied and tried to deceive us.

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