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Mozambique, albeit a beautiful country, has over the past years been targeted by radical religious terrorists, leaving many survivors displaced and desperate.

“I saw a convoy of terrorists coming into the Mozambican city of Palma with their helicopters,” says Philemon*, a survivor describing his rescue. “They cleared the perimeter to get at least four helicopter loads of people out. There were 23 of us. I was to be on the last helicopter out, but fortunately, they stopped loading the helicopters because of a lack of fuel and daylight. In the process, my leg was destroyed.” Philemon further describes having to hide while waiting to be rescued by boat from Palma where he saw headless bodies left lying on the road. Dozens are still missing.

TWR is determined to offer support to the victims subjected to trauma in these trying times.

TWR’s Intervention Programme
Over the past three years terrorist attacks and advancements into the interior of northern Mozambique have escalated. “The attacks this year have been more violent,” says the TWR Area Ministry Director for Southern Africa, “It has taken a heavy toll on many of Mozambique’s citizens. Ordinary civilians who are not armed are attacked and the natural response is for people to run. In that process they lose all their basic living needs such as food, clothes, and shelter. They leave their homes and move to neighbouring countries or states that are not ready to absorb the influx.”

Determined to offer support
The instability has led to a severe food shortage in the northern part of the country, complicated further by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Director explains that together with the Body of Christ, TWR is determined to offer support to the victims subjected to trauma in these trying times.

Radio programmes providing relief and support
TWR’s Hope in Hard Times is a radio programme series of 52 fifteen-minute episodes in the Portuguese language. The purpose of Hope in Hard Times is to provide relief and support for the internal, deep issues faced by survivors. The programmes take the listener on a journey of spiritual recovery and encouragement and equips them with relevant health resources for prevention of disease, treatment, and survival. It also connects listeners to psychological and spiritual resources to help them navigate through their trauma and lead them on a journey of discovering peace in Christ. Currently airing in Maputo, Beira, Zambezi and Nampula provinces, these broadcasts cover only a fraction of the affected area where people desperately need this resource.

Displaced people have access too
“Displaced people from this insurgence flee to many other provinces, but especially to the Nampula and Zambezia provinces. FM stations in these provinces report that some of the dispersed people are already accessing TWR’s programme from Monapo FM in Nampula, Classic in Zambezi and Radio Accao in Maputo”, says the Director.

“When such disasters happen, people need something that speaks to that deep area of need in their spirit, helping them look forward to another day of hope, another day of possibility.”

The long-term and desired outcome of the project is to encourage citizens to remain strong and build their faith during times of severe trial.

Future Goals
TWR trusts God to enable us to get two stations in Cabo Delgado, situated in the northernmost province of Mozambique, to broadcast Hope in Hard Times. The long-term and desired outcome of the project is to encourage citizens to remain strong and build their faith during times of severe trial. By leading survivors on a path of healing we empower them to become future trauma counsellors who, in turn, equip others to use alternative, creative ways to improve their lifestyles.

Listeners are encouraged to share their response to the programmes with TWR. From these responses a database will be created, and follow-up done with regular words of encouragement and guidance.

*Name changed for security reasons

Please Pray…
• For God to provide people and resources for TWR’s ministry in Mozambique.
• That TWR listeners in Mozambique continue to put their trust in God as the country endures continued attacks, especially in the northernmost provinces.
• That God will use TWR’s programmes to touch many more lives in need of hope.


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Date published: 20/07/2021

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